Still Making Tulle Belts

Hodge Podge

Here's a bandwagon I don't think I'll be jumping on anytime soon: the Twilight  series of books. I just don't have it in me to read about a vampire love triangle. Just tell me when it's over.

One I am jumping on: the mass hysteria about the country's financial wreckage. Scary!!! I'm afraid. Very afraid.

Today was not that special. The kids were off for their Fall Break, though they'll go for the remainder of this week for the Intersession program. (Both the same week, both mornings, yay!) So we got to sleep in a bit and play around and not do much. Chloë drew a fabulous picture of The Little Mermaid, and the three of them had a musical afternoon. One would take the cowbell, another the maracas, and a third the bongos, and they would just jam away. It was wonderful, and very loud. I thought I was being a very cool mom by putting up with it, but after about a half hour, I couldn't take that f*******g cowbell anymore and wanted to throw it out the window!

Ah, well, it was fun while it lasted. I wanted to do an art project with them, but I couldn't find a supply I needed. So maybe we'll try that next week when they're off again. Nor did we bake, my back-up plan, because it just turned out to be a much hotter day than expected, and I plain ol' didn't feel like it.

So I made a few more tutus (two dozen are now gracing various surfaces of the office), and then we went up and did laundry after my shower. Chloë remains a big helper with the putting-away chores, for which my back is extremely grateful.

I took her to tap class, and again Sophie cried out that she wanted to go dance, too. No tears this time, but I'm glad she's looking forward to it now. We just dropped her off and then went down to A.C. Moore's so I could get some ribbons I needed for the tutes. Only, I'd forgotten to bring my purse with me, so we had to run all the way home first. Gah. There's a half-hour waste of time.

Back at the store, the Nons were so cute running around excitedly telling everyone who'd listen that they wanted this! And look at that! And that! And that! I overheard Jack listing off for Sophia more than once all the things he wanted for his birthday from the store (which is a craft store, much like Michaels, for those who don't have one). I giggled, and the store employee near us giggled, too. I told her, "Hey, I feel exactly the same way in here!"

I collected my ribbons, and a little more tulle, and off we went. Two minutes late to pick up the eldest. Eh, she was fine. Peering out the window when I pulled up, happy to see us.

Rob got home shortly after us, so Chloë and I went out to try and sell more Fall Product. We didn't get very far, though. For one, we ran into several very chatty neighbors this time. One even invited her to her son's upcoming birthday party, which was weird, since they only know us from Girl Scouts fundraising! Another lady was a big ol' whackadoo, obviously lonely, who just kept shouting at us over her mutt's incessant barking. By the time we got out of there, it was very dark, and we had to get home for dinner.  Oh, well, hopefully there will be time tomorrow.

So I'm back to making tutus and watching Dancing With the Stars. Susan Lucci is still driving me batty, with her very soap-operatic ravings even when she's not acting as Erika Kane. Chloris Leachman cracks me up, but she can go. I think I'm rooting for Warren Sapp, my fellow Hurricane! Woosh, woosh!

Rob is doing major surgery on our vacuum cleaner right now. I sucked up some red ribbon, blamed it on the kids (shh), and now it won't suck at all, or do the speedy turbo boost thing it does to save my aching arm. Please pray for Mr. Hoover. There just ain't room in the budget for a new one right now.