Another One Bites...
CAT Scratch Fever


What a wretched day, weatherly speaking. It was raining. Nay, it was pouring. That old man sure was snoring!

Stephanie was one of the first casualties of the day, unfortunately. It's her 25th birthday, but she wrecked her car and got injured. Thankfully she is okay, but sore and nursing bruised ribs at the very least. Sorry, Steph! Big hugs!! ♥

Rob came home early today, so he could stay home with the kids while I went to my psychiatric evaluation up in Newport News. Yep, same city as the surgery center, another long trek, but this time in the downpour.

I was in good spirits and ready to take it on. I had convinced myself I was not going to cry and guess what? I didn't shed one single tear! She wasn't going to catch me on my weepiness, no sir, not today. We discussed Robby's and my mom's death and everything. We talked about a lot of things, and her main concern was my compliance with the terms of surgery. Am I going to eat right? Am I going to exercise? Am I going to take my vitamins? etc. I assured her I would do everything ordered of me - and I will.

So at the end, I asked her, "Did I pass?" And she gave me a big grin and said, "You passed." After I left, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face! I called Rob right away and told him the good news, and then I blasted my radio and sang good tunes all the way home.

What a relief!

Next up: My nutritionist appointment on the 2nd. After that, I have to check with the surgery center to make sure they received all of my lab results, tests, records, evals, and whatever else they need. Then they'll submit it to insurance for review and approval. After that, if I get approved, it's time to schedule surgery. I'm praying, hoping against hope, for an approval. I don't know what I'll do if they say no!!

That was pretty much the day. Schwan's came while I was out, and I had the Schwan's card with me, which left Rob in a pickle. I'd expected them several hours later, but they worked it out, and now we have a fully stocked coupla freezers. The kids really enjoyed their Schwan's chicken fries and kept asking for "more, please!" A rarity in our house. They ate all their veggies, too, which is not so rare. They love the produce!

I watched The Office and ER and bawled my eyes out over that one. Did you watch? Sad!

Guess what I'm going to do now? I don't know!! (I'm in a doofy mood, sorry.) But the kids are now on Fall Break for over two weeks, so we can sleep in a little later in the morning. I do have conferences with both their teachers tomorrow. Off to find something to make!