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Seven Things

In Advance Of The Storm

So I haven't posted in the past couple days, in favor of spending my time scrapping and napping.  I'll do a little catch-up now.

Yesterday's highlight was dance class. First, Sophia went to the 3- and 4-year-old Creative Movement class, immediately followed by Chloë's jazz class.



Once again, Sophia was happy to actually get dressed for dance class, but not to actually go to dance class.  The look on her face says it all. This was a much more welcoming environment than the gymnasium last week, but she was still clingy and pouty and refusing to join the other girls. Miss Jessica, her teacher (and Chloë's last year for ballet), repeatedly encouraged her to join, but with no pressure. I finally decided to leave her in the studio and go in the waiting room, but she bawled the entire time. I went back in, and she sat on my lap and sort of went through the motions with the class.

I guess my current plan is to give it a few weeks, through the month of October, and see if she warms up to it. If it doesn't get any better, we'll just try again next year.

It's so shocking to me, because Chloë always went right in, and she is the shy one, compared to her ballsy, fearless younger sister. You just never know!

Hmm, you can really see her ruddy cheeks are back in this picture. I'm trying to get her a doc appointment about the allergic reaction she had the other day, but so far I've been unsuccessful in securing one. I'll try again tomorrow!

If you're wondering what happened to Jack and soccer, well, he tends to take the papers out of his backpack on the bus ride home, and it's anyone's guess where he puts them and when we'll find them. I finally found the soccer registration paper, but I don't know when it came home. It was way overdue, and now we'll have to wait until Spring. I tried to register, late, online, but it rejected us. Rats!


Chloë and Jack played with another little boy - and his stuff - while Sophia was in her class. We normally wait in the car during Chloë's classes, but as when Chlo was Sophie's age, we'll wait inside in case she needs help going potty, etc. It's too far to drop off and wait at home; unlike most of the other moms there, we don't live in the neighborhood.



Sophia was happy to be back in the car again, while her sister danced, eating goldfish crackers with Jack.  While they played in the car (and reset all my buttons and settings up front), I caught up with another mom, Kathy. Her daughter and Chloë have danced together for the past three or four years, so we have gotten to know each other well. It was really nice chit-chatting with her, and I'm glad to have friends around town now. Some at dance class, some at the school, Bunco ladies, Brownies moms... it's good.

As for today, the highlight was the back-to-school meeting at Woodstock Park for the Brownie troop.



I can never resist a picture of baby Vivian, now eight months old and here, just waking up from a nap. She's so cute!


While we moms discussed plans for the upcoming year (I have decided to be the Cookie Chair and *maybe* the Fall Product chair, along with teaching the girls to crochet - hopefully a blanket for CARE Package for a service project!), the Brownies and their respective siblings played on the playground equipment.



Brett, one of Chloë's best friends who is again in her second grade class, helps a caterpillar down the slide.


There's plenty of room to roam around amongst the treest at this park. Thank goodness there was plenty of shade for us moms to sit and chat - it was 91 degrees! The four of us came right home and got in a shower to desweatify.



Sophia frequently sought out new sources of entertainment. She was here, there, everywhere!


Playing in - and kicking around - the dirt is always a favorite for Jack!


On the right, Nikki, our new troop leader, gets all the Brownies together to do the Friendship Circle and end the meeting. She is going to be much more into doing "traditional" Girl Scouts activities and teachings than in the past two years. I am looking forward to it. It should be a fun, exciting couple of years. She has lots of Scouting experience!


Caroline, her hands full of snacks, and Jack return to their mothers for the trip home.


Vivian gives me a big smile (mostly gone by the time I got the camera ready) to say good-bye 'til next time!