The Butterfly Saga Continues
Wordless Sunday

It Starts With One

Today we were supposed to go to the NICU reunion.

However, like last year, I decided at close to the last minute that I really don't need to see the latest crop of newborn twins to get my grief fix in. I mean, yes, there will always be twins - even identical boys - but sometimes I'm not in a place where I purposely want to go to the venue where they'll invariably be.

So, eh, we didn't go. No big deal.

Instead, since I was up 'til nearly 5 AM doing things to my husband (Okay, Steph, even *I* was too embarrassed to put it on my blog!! LMAO), I slept until the afternoon. Since he had gone to bed much earlier and only woke me up to basically scare the shit out of me, he got up with the kids.

Finally, I woke up and took a shower, but only because Stephanie and I had a mani-pedi date as birthday presents to ourselves (hers is coming up this week).  Otherwise, well, I probably would have showered anyway to start selling Fall Product with Chloë, but whatever.

So we met at Le Nail place and picked out our toenail colors: orange for her, brown for me. We had a really good time, with lots of laughing. The only thing that would have made our little date better is a glass of champagne or mimosas or something! The nail ladies were funny, too, and we were all joking around and just enjoying ourselves. It was a fun time.

I have pictures of our hands and feet, but my camera is refusing to upload right now. Bugger.

So then Steph came home with me and we waited for her other half, along with baby niece Carolynn, to meet us there. The boys stayed home with the kids while she and I took Caro to Michael's to do some scrapbook shopping. I got lots of great deals! I really shouldn't have, but I NEEEEEEEDed things to do my scrapbooking, and it was the best sale! :P

Oh, and before we left, we sang Happy Birthday to Tiger Lily (it's her fifth) and gave her a doggy ice cream treat. She was happy. We did not make her wear a hat.

When Stim and Caro left, we had a kind of hodgepodge dinner of whatever was in the fridge. The kids ate super well, though! Especially Sophia. We have discovered she has a fondness for itty baby corns. The Bigs had cake (yes, my cake is still around...) and she had a big ol' cone for dessert. What a mess. Dinner was really fun, too. Lots of silly things said by the kids. I could just sit and watch and laugh at Sophia all day. And one time, Rob asked Chloë a question, to which she answered, "Yo Mama!" I wish I remembered the question, because it was the perfect answer...

After they went to bed, Rob and I watched The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. We really liked it. I boo-hooed in the middle for no reason. We both gave it five stars.

Anyhoo, that's our Saturday. Hope you had a good one, too.