Le Birthday Weekend
Short and Fat, er, Fast

Know When To Fold 'Em

Lowlights of my 32nd birthday include:

  1. Lots of people calling with well wishes, and I think I missed every single one of them! (Sorry Mom, Gail, Stace, Dad, Lisa...!)
  2. My grandfather being back in the hospital with chest pains, just after getting out of there from a 20-day stay.

  3. 100_8459  100_8460  My car battery dying at Chloë's tap class and waiting an hour to be rescued.
  4. Not having ice cream cake.
  5. Forgetting my Moe's (Welcome to Moe's!) free birthday burrito coupon, since it's just a short drive away from the dance studio.

Highlights include:

  1. 100_8458   Who isn't amused when a kitty catches a cricket?
  2. 100_8461 How adorable is my little 7yo tappy-tap dancer?
  3. Being rescued by the man I love, in uniform.

  4. Rob saving the day and going out to get my Moe's - and some for everyone else, natch - once we found the coupon at home.

  5. Dum duh de dah:I FOUND THE MISSING CATERPILLARS!!! And they are cocooning! I will take pictures hopefully tomorrow, hopefully when the last little holdout starts to build his. For the curious, they were on the treadmill. D'oh!! We should always look there first.

  6. I managed to make another dishcloth during the long wait at dance class, at least.

  7. 100_8463   Our little 3yo's hair is starting to get quite curly in its own right. Rob keeps reminding me that he was four before his curled, and now it rivals Chloë's when it's grown out. Whatever, I'm just happy for further proof that this child is also his! Hee.

All in all, it was a pretty quiet day. I was glad to talk to Grandpa, who is feeling fine and completely irritated to be in the hospital (apparently since Friday, and I'm just now finding out, grr). I got in a good nap. I made about six scrap pages. They were not my favorites - a little quick and dirty - but since the ones of Jack's 5th birthday made him exceedingly happy, I am happy. I am the family historian, after all, not just the Melanie historian.

So, back to the usual fanfare-free days tomorrow. Up next: Tiger Lily's 5th birthday on the 20th! Maybe we should have a puppy party, Steph! ☻