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Le Birthday Weekend

Let's recap: Yesterday, we celebrated Chloë's and my birthday. Today is her actual 7th birthday, and tomorrow (Monday), is my 32nd (not ashamed!)



I stayed up until 0500 Saturday morning, baking this kitty cake for Chloë, scrapbooking, and then turning the came from the above into this:


It was very pink!! But she absolutely loved it. What I didn't love was when Jack woke up before everyone and did this to it:


Oooh, I was so mad!!! He received lots of stern lecturing over that one.

So I got to sleep 'til noon yesterday, and then I had to jump right into the shower and get ready. I had planned on helping clean the house before I left, but there wasn't time. Oh, darn.

Chloë and I left to pick up her friend from Brownies, Claire, for the festivities. First, we ran home, because I forgot my camera. Then we drove just a short piece to the movie theater, to see Fly Me to the Moon. No one has heard of it, myself included before this day was planned!  It was eh, all right, for a kid's movie. Not one I'd have chosen normally, but Claire had already seen Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda, and I didn't want to take her to a repeat. FMthM dealt with the Soviet-American space race, which was a little weird for a kiddie movie, but it was cute. It lasted about 45 min too long and was only an hour and a half movie. The first time ever I nearly fell asleep in the theater, too. In other words, pass on it!

The girls enjoyed it, though. I bought them popcorn and a Sprite (well, I got that for myself, but they usurped it), and they crunched and munched through the first half. Then Chloë had to go potty, naturally, so I let her go alone with Claire. They came back about a minute later, not having gone, because Chlo fell and smacked her face. Uh! Poor thing. I comforted her and then took her myself while Claire waited in the theater. The whole last half of the movie, I could barely keep the girls in their seats. They wanted to dance to the music, go into the aisle, go up to the front, etc. Since there were only about four other people in there, I finally gave up fighting them and let them do what they want as long as they were quiet. But later, I lectured Chloë that that's not how we normally behave in a theater, and not to expect to be able to do it again!

They both came out of the theater exclaiming about all the best parts, with big smiles on their faces and lights in their eyes, so all-in-all it was a successful outing.

I had a birthday coupon for a free ice cream cone at Friendly's, so we drove there next.


The girls had fun deciding what to order, playing with puzzles until their sundaes came, and devouring their ice cream. They were quite silly at this point, and I was laughing a lot at them. Chloë had far too many M&Ms in her ice cream, so Claire kept helping herself to them until Chloë protested!

I still can't believe my child is seven!!

Anyway, after the sundaes, we drove home to wait for Stephanie and Tim to come over with their baby charges, Grayson and Spencer. The mailman came in the meantime and brought this:


Not the Romero Britto - hopefully soon for that!!! - but the other, smaller piece of art Rob brough on the ms Zuiderdam! He was very excited for it to come. We chose the framing style, and we think it turned out rather nicely!  The only problem is where to hang it?? We are quickly running out of places for artwork in our house. Our master bathroom, maybe? ☺


While we were gone, Rob and the kids had gone out and bought these flowers for Chloë and me! So pretty. Yellow roses are my favorite color.



Claire was totally enamored of Bounce and kept begging to hold him. It was driving Rob nuts, but I kept reminding him this was Chloë's special day and not to be so tense. It didn't really work - he was in a pretty cranky mood all evening for some reason...

Finally, Steph and Tim arrived, and we moved down to the living room for presents. Chloë received lots of great gifts and was really happy. I'm pleased with what she got, too - good stuff! Here are just a few:


Claire gave her this cool beading jewelry kit, a journal with her initial on it, and a Webkinz figurine.



Steph and Tim gave her bunches of earrings! She's really excited about them, as she loves to change them out frequently. They were all so cute!



Aunt Stacey gave her a bunny Webkinz and a little Webkinz dress!


We gave Chloë this knitting machine, the butterfly kit, the Webkinz sailor suit, and...



a Webkinz bat!! That makes 38 and 39 for the collection. We do love them so.



Lots of awesome new books from Grandma!


While the kids looked over and admired Chloë's new swag, Tim and Steph cuddled Spencer and Sophia.



Aaack, Rob is being attacked by the bat!


Then we moved into the kitchen for Chloë's (repaired) cake. She loved it and squealed delightedly!


Make a wish, sweet baby girl!



Aww, Spence gets a snuggle from "Auntie Stevie."

Soon after they finished their cake, I took the girls back to Claire's house to return her to her family. Mom Debbie (our former troop leader) and I chatted for a while so the girls could play a little longer together. I really need to call and set up another playdate for them; they have such a good time together!

Eventually, I was able to oust Chloë from Claire's clutches, and we drove to Sonic to pick up her free birthday Wacky Pack (we're signed up for so many free birthday meals, it's ridick!). She chose a hot dog, which she didn't eat, a string cheese, and a strawberry slushie, which Jack and Sophie kept trying to steal from her upon our return home. Jack's been bugging me to take him to Sonic ever since. Wait 'til your birthday, li'l one!


After they ate, our kids went to bed, and my fat ass decided to snuggle Grayson to sleep. He fought like a champ but finally gave up the ghost! Boy, he is a chunker, too. My arm was dead asleep!


After the boys fell asleep, we broke out the big guns: my ice cream cake! No birthday is complete without it, for me. The four of us enjoyed a good hunk each, and then Stim went home with the boys for the night.

I did a little (very little) scrapping and then we knocked out for the night.


We had to get up earlyish for my doc appointment at the Naval base. It was for all my records and labs and referrals and everything I need to get done in order to have the drastic bypass. I needed Rob and the kids to drive me in his truck, because I don't have a current base sticker on the van.

They dropped me off and went to run around the track while I was at my appointment. No pictures, unfortunately, but Rob kept laughing at the way they run. Not good form! Oh, well, it really got their energies out; they napped for some SIX HOURS when we returned! :O

Other than les incompetents who mis-scheduled my appointment as a follow-up for after the gastric bypass, thereby ruining my ability to get everything done as needed today, everyone I saw today was actually, surprisingly competent. Usually that is not the case; I hate going to my clinic, but I was pleasantly surprised today. I did get my labs done, and will get an entire, huge copy of my medical record for the surgery center, and a referral to nutrition, but I have to come back in on Tuesday for a complete physical for the rest of the stuff. Ugh. Rob will have to come home from work so I can go without worrying about missing Jack's bus. What a PITA. That's why I scheduled it for a Sunday! Oh, well. At least the ball is rolling, and I'm hoping to get this surgery scheduled by the end of the month!

When we got home, Rob got Chloë out of the truck, and I lifted out Jack. Then Rob and I stood and chatted for a few minutes until Sophia shouted at us, "Guys, there's another girl left!" It was cute.

At home, we all napped. I mean, we crashed. We were all so tired, for some reason.

Then, when we arose, there was a present on the porch from Chloë's friend Danae, who couldn't make it to her party! How thoughtful of them.


It turned out to be the game Mouse Trap, which she and Daddy immediately set to playing at the kitchen table. Fun game! I scrapped and listened to them, which was quite hysterical.

So now, everyone's back in bed, and I'm going to go back to my scrapbooking. I must have completed over 50 pages since I started this spree, and I'll keep going until I am unable to do it any more! It's been a long time, so I really need to catch up. I'm in March of this year...

Well, if you made it this far, good for you! Sorry for such a long post. Have a happy week, and happy birthday to me! ☻