The Lamest Weekend Ever Continues...
WFMW: Letting Go

Messy Mellie

Whew. I have been doing a ton and a half of scrapping in my new craft space. I'm loving it! I need new sources of inspiration, though. I wish all the points programs of which I'm a member offered subscriptions to craft magazines and not just the hoochie mags, 'cause I can't afford to buy a subscription on my own right now!


But I'm enjoying myself. As I said, I finished the 2007 book, at long last, have breezed through January of this year, and am now working on February. It's so great to be able to come right to my lovely Kodak photo printer, choose which ones to scrap, edit them, crop them, pick my sizes, and print them right out seconds before actually doing the layout! I adore that. I'm quickly running out of the stash of photo paper I built up, though. Guess I'll have to make a run to the dreaded Best Buy soon.

Oh, but the point of my title, is that I am NOT clean when I scrap. There is a huge mess in the office right now. I'd show you a picture, but it's embarrassing. I have my garbage can on one side, my scrap papers thrown on the floor on the other, tools spread every which way, recycling papers thrown in an even further pile... I was supposed to stop scrapping today and clean up so Barbara could come, but I canceled her. Not so I could keep scrapping (though I will), but because I just can't pay her this week. I'll have to clean myself, boohoo! ;)

Yesterday, when we weren't waiting all day for updates from Rob's sister in Louisiana as Hurricane Gustav raged through, we decided to get in one last swim at the pool before it closed down for the year. Sad. Surprisingly, I'm not feeling the twinges of fear and doubt and anxiety about the summer ending and the cold weather coming that I have felt in recent years. I really think it's because I've been doing so well on my current med combo. Whatever the reason, I'm glad. It's a bad feeling. To the pool!



The girls were the first to brave the chilly water. It was warm out, but not exceedingly hot, and the water was cool.


Per his M.O., Jack pitched a fit about being carried into the water by Daddy. Oh, well. No good pictures of him swimming! He prefers to sit and kick from the edge. Next year, though, he's in for a rude awakening: I am instituting mandatory swimming lessons for all!


Ah, this is where he's happiest. If you come near him - or even start to turn in his direction - he jumps up and takes off running!



Sophie's not been much for the water lately, either, but she's more willing to be carried about the pool. She does like to get her kick on, though!


Rob gave Chloë a big hand with her swimming... then I put down the camera and joined in. We didn't stay very long, though! Only about an hour. It was shivery cold. Rob commented that it was the first time we left the pool because I was cold. First, though, the kids and I had a good splash in the baby pool.

It felt like a waste. Oh, well. There's always the beach, if we need to get our water fix.

Afterward, we headed to Michael's to use their and A.C. Moore's 50% off coupons. I got an eyelet setting tool and some eyelets! I've been having fun banging them out and finding new uses for them. Lots of fun, that. And I bought some more pretty papers and supplies that I needed.

It was in the check-out line that I noticed Sophia's rash had extended from her cheeks, which had been very ruddy for the previous two days or so, to her arms and legs and probably her torso. Hmm. I was just about to text Rob, who was elsewhere in the store, when he showed up beside me and commented on it himself.  But we put it out of our heads and went to lunch next door at Panera.

They really need to pay me to eat there. Oh, wait, they do! ☻

So we sat down to eat, and I noticed Sophia spitting out a bite of food. Then another, and another. I started to get angry, but then it dawned on me. "Rob!" I said. "Check her throat! She can't swallow!" Sure enough, her little glands were swollen.

Somehow, my kid has found something to be allergic to, and I don't know what. We would guess the sunscreen, or the chlorine in the pool, only her cheeks were all red before that.

Rob jumped up and ran past Michael's, to the Kmart there. He brought back some baby Benadryl and a medicine dropper. The first dose, she just spit right back out at him, and all over herself, refusing to swallow. The second time, he did what we had to do to get them to swallow meds as babies: held her mouth shut and blew in her face. It worked. Medicine down.

And the rash and swelling went away. She didn't want to eat any more lunch there, but she sure chowed in the bananas when we arrived at home! So now I'm not sure what to do about this potentially life-threatening allergy. Do I take her to the doctor, even though there are no current symptoms, and let them do tests? Or wait until the next time, when the reaction could possibly be worse? or hope it was a one-time thing and be glad the Benadryl did its job?

Please, counsel a mother.

The rest of the day passed pretty quietly, as news came in that SIL and BIL were all right and didn't have too much in the way of terrible damage to their house and property. Thank God for that!

I finally made Rob's birthday cake, two days late! I couldn't make it on time because I didn't have enough eggs in the house... anyway, a couple pics:


That darn six would not stay lit, and I ended up just holding up the cake and a match for him to blow out. Only he didn't, and I burned my finger! Stupid is as stupid does.



This is a totally faked picture! The candles were already blown out, but I missed it because of the finger-burning episode. I took care of my finger and then made him re-stage the scene for my camera. Hee!

Oh, and Chloë found a small present I had meant to give her on her actual birthday, so I let her have it as well (too bad she couldn't find the darn caterpillars; they're still MIA!):


Not the Webkinz, just the sailor shirt for it. She got "Clarice" back at Christmastime. She took this picture, and it amuses me that she posed it in front of the litter box! Oh well, at least no cat poop is showing!

Today was relatively quiet. Back to school for the kids, although no sooner did Jack come home from kindy than I got a call from the subtitute nurse on duty, telling me Chloë had vomited up her lunch, had a slight fever, and needed to come home.

I shod the kids and myself, and we rushed right out. Of course, since she was the sub nurse and didn't know me, she asked to see my identification - and rightly so - but I had run out without grabbing my purse. She stared at me for a second, debating what to do, until I told her that everyone in the office knew me and could verify I was her mother. So she left for a few minutes, came back, and told me I was acceptable!

Back at home, it was a battle to get her to lie down and rest. She felt absolutely fine and probably could have handled staying at school the rest of the day. There was no evidence of sickness, no fever (I had felt her at school and she felt cool to me there, too; I should have asked for the method used to take her temperature), and certainly no bellyaching.

So I did what I always do when my kids seem to be okay: I took her word for it and let her play. She decided, later, that she was well enough to go to ballet class, which started today, and so we did. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of her, but for ballet, she still has to wear the same light blue leotard and pink tights that she's worn for the past four years. It kills me that she is starting her FIFTH year of dance lessons already!! How is she old enough for that?! 

Tomorrow she'll start her first Jazz lessons, and Sophia will start Creative Movement, so there will be pictures then, for sure.

Anyway, I'd forgotten my purse, and Jack was hungry. I'd just roused him from his nap with enough time to run downstairs and get right in the car, so I didn't think about bringing along a snack for him and Sophia. We drove all the way home, got my purse, went back, and stopped for a couple chicken nuggets off the dollar menu. We're Dollar Menunaires right now! That staved off the hunger monsters in the backseat, and we arrived back at the dance studio just in time to pick up Curly Girl.

Nothing else newsworthy, so I guess I'll get back to my scrapbooking. Happy four-day wweek!