Bullets Over Broadway

Rise And Shine


So, yesterday, I already felt a lot perkier after going back on the iron pills. How annoying; I was hoping it wouldn't be that! 

But I was glad to be able to be more productive than the day before, when I was just a weak little mess. After Jack came home from school, the Littles and I ran errands. We stopped at Walgreens to drop off Chloë's two disposable cameras (and see if they had the latest Webkinz Cares stuffy; they didn't.) The cameras were from the Brownies' trip to the zoo in April and her Girl Scout camp in July, so it was about damn time. I decided to just have the pictures put on a disk, so I could print them out at home at my leisure and not be buying crappy pics I don't want.

After that, we went to Animal Jungle, where I took the kids for their Spring Break field trip and ended up with a bunny. I knew exactly what I needed (squirty stuff to add to Bounce's water and make him not stink, and a giant water bowl to replace Tiger Lily's rusty one) and refused to look hither and yon, lest I be persuaded to bring home another adorable critter. They had some Ganz stuffies at the check-out, but no Webkinz, so again we didn't buy any.

I am a sucker for Webkinz. Can you tell?

Then we stopped at Subway for lunch, because I had a free soda coming from their Scrabble game. I was peeved when they gave me neither a sandwich wrapper nor a cup with a game piece on it, though. I'm trying to win a trip! Or some diamonds! Or at least another free soda...

It was nowhere near time yet to pick up the pictures, so we went home to eat our lunch. Jack does not like the shredded lettuce, and Sophia prefers the very bready parts, so they are very particular about where on the sandwich they'll take their bites! But they ate very well, and then we went upstairs so I could fold some laundry. I had about 9 loads to catch up on! I did about three, before it was time for them (and me) to catch an afternoon nap.

Chloë came home from school, kissed me hello, and set to work straightaway on her homework while I dozed. At 7, even she could still stand to have her naps, but I have relieved her of that necessity. She's a very obedient child and rarely does things she's not supposed to when no one is looking ... unlike those naughty Littles who will get into things right in front of your face!

Finally, I woke up and needed to get right into the shower and get ready for my meeting. There was still no sign of Rob, so I called and found out he was just a short bit away. After my shower, still no Rob. I got dressed, still no Rob. I put away the Schwan's order that had been delivered right before my shower, and still no Rob...! I was starting to get very nervous. And kind of mad. But right when I was about to call again, he walked in. Apparently, traffic was a bear.

I left immediately, thankful that I was just a short drive from my destination. Everyone was waiting when I got there, but I was still a few minutes early. I decided to be the Fall Product Chair for our Brownies troop, and this was the training. I'm also the Cookie chair, so Fall Product will be good practice before the big-deal sale starts. We sat for an hour and a half going over everything, and man is there a lot to do! I am excited to do it, though. I like that sort of thing a lot. And I found myself volunteering to Nikki, our new troop leader, to be the troop treasurer if she needed help with that. She said she did. So!

We left, and I ran to Walgreens to pick up the disk of Chloë's pictures. At home, after eating the Schwan's frozen pizza Rob made for me, I tried to pull them up and see what was what, but they won't open! I put the disk in his laptop, and they won't open there, either! So I'm highly annoyed. I meant to bring the disk back today and have them just make prints for me, but now I don't know where the dang thing is. Oy vey.


My shelves and railing came in for the craft center, so after harrassing Rob for a while, he put them up for me. Yay, more storage for little supplies. Plus his tush looks cute in jeans... 


I woke up early, about 0530, and couldn't get back to sleep. So, I decided to pay the bills and see how much money we (don't) have. Nada. Not enough for a full grocery run and nothing for gas. It's going to be interesting. I don't know why it's suddenly so tight this month, but I better go find a corner to stand on or something! All the bills are just going up, up, up, and the income is not, not, not. Suckage. If it weren't for my back being horrible right now, I would defintely be going out for a nights-and-weekends job. Maybe after the surgery...

Speaking of which, I made my appointment for my nutrition eval, but still couldn't get anyone on the phone to make one for the psych eval. I hope that's not an omen; I've been trying for months! Frustrating.

And I spoke to my dad, speaking of frustrating. That's all I will say about that.

Then the Littles and I went upstairs to tackle some more laundry. I managed to get the last of it in the washer, and everything dry folded. They even helped me put some stuff away! Normally it's just Chloë who helps me, but they were able to put away socks and unnerpannies and jammies. I was glad for the help; the bed is sagging under the weight of all those piles.

We reached a stopping point, and they were fighting and cranky (so much arguing over stupid stuff with them, all day long! argh, it gets to be TOO MUCH), so we all had a nap again. I went downstairs to my couch but barely slept. When Jack snuck down, I was wide awake and caught him in the kitchen about to wreak havoc. Love that wide-eyed look.

So, we all went upstairs and did more laundry. Chloë put away the rest of the kids' clothes. She's such a great help. They were hungry by then, so we came down to make dinner. I had some broccoli- and cheese-stuffed chicken breasts from Schwan's that I thought they would like, and put those in. Boy, was I wrong. I ended up eating half of all their dinners.

We did bathtime and bedtime after that, and I should have taken a picture of my three soggy, towel-wrapped babies lined up for drying off. So cute were they!

Eventually, Rob made it home from work and his motorcycle safety class (where he'll be all weekend). I'm trying to finish up the Brownies scrapbook, although I'm annoyed not to have those other pictures.

Okay, time to go. I'm falling asleep again. Have a happy weekend!