Wordless Wednesday: Bye-Bye, Flutterbys
Another One Bites...

Starlight, Starbright

Sophia was a major snuggle bug yesterday, so after she woke up and ate breakfast, we bedded down together under my fabu blanket and alternated between chatting, napping, and watching some Noggin. When Jack came home, he joined us! It was really nice, just cozying up to my two li'l ones, playing around sweetly, and just holding them. I enjoyed it immensely. Warm fuzzies!

When Chloë came home, she set to work on her homework while the Nons and I went upstairs so I could shower, do a smidge of laundry, and get dressed. That dang laundry is piling up again. Vicious, vicious cycle. I don't know why these people keep wanting to eat and get dressed all the time! ;)

Soon it was time to get dressed for and go to her Ballet class. Surprisingly enough, now when I drop her off for dance, Sophia cries because she wants to dance, too! It's a positive change after having to drag her into class the past few weeks. We'll see how she does today.

After drop-off, the Littles and I drove to BJs so I could do a mystery shop there. It was a quick and easy ten bucks, just down from dance class, so I figured it wouldn't hurt. The kiddos enjoyed being able to sit right next to each other in the front of the huge cart, and they got a lot of attention that way. Attention is like ambrosia to wee ones!

We hurried back to dance, and I looked over the latest fundraising material put out by the kids' school. Sigh. I'll probably email some of you with information about that later, just so I can say I'm doing my part. Not interested? Hit the delete button. I try to order one thing per kid so at least they can get the credit for participating.

Chloë came out before I finished, so I didn't get any crocheting done today. Boo. But, I did crank out a very nice knit scarf of 100% silk on her knitting machine earlier in the day, to put on Etsy. It's not there yet but should be later today, along with a couple of others...

When we came home, I quickly fixed dinner for the kids and did some straightening up around the kitchen and downstairs. The pets all needed food and supplies, so I made a list and got my coupons together for that, and vacuumed the office/craft room. We changed Jack into jammies, and soon it was time to go to his school for his special kindergarten program!

Videos of his performance are here.


Jack was so excited to do his big show!

100_8579  We arrived very early in order to obtain good seats, and Sophia was restless during the wait. To entertain her, we played with my camera.


Playing hide-and-seek under my shirt!


First the fifth-grade orchestra performed. This was their first concert; the kids at our school don't start instruments until fifth. It was blessedly short.


Then the fifth-grade chorus. Also short. Which was good for us kinder parents!


Here come the little ones! There's a blurry Jack walking in! He was so excited to see us and kept turning around to wave and peek at us. I loved it. It was very hard to take decent pictures with Sophia hanging off my arm, sorry!


There's my little guy (see orange circle and arrow) waiting patiently for his turn!


He was so quiet and well-behaved during his wait. Phew! I was relieved.


Mrs. Henry, the guidance counselor, read a Little Quack book in between each of the kinder classes' performances. Sophie was thrilled to recognize a book we have at home!


Hehe, when my little guy went on stage, he stopped to inspect this package in the corner. There were giggles from the audience...


There he is, with his class, performing his first little number! I forget what it was called and can't find my program from last night, sorry! But it was adorable.


His Tininess, amongst his peers. Surprisingly, he didn't look all that small to me last night! We are finally growing out of 2Ts and into 3Ts, I'm happy to report, although he does still wear some 12M and 18M shorts!


Each class then did a rendition of "Starlight, Starbright" with the wooden xylophones. You can't see Jack here because he was directly behind another little girl. Bah!

Afterward, they turned off all the lights, and each little one moved around the cafeteria with their flashlights. It was pretty cute. They did a wonderful job with their little production, and I was in tears at a few points. Nobody noticed but me, thankfully! I was such a proud mama! ♥