Tulle Frenzy
Hodge Podge

Still Making Tulle Belts

The frenzy continues...


Today I'm making more Infant-sized tutus, since I only had two on hand. Granted the show is more than a month away, but I don't want to be stuck at the last minute wishing I'd already made up all the tutes. This one is baby pink and white, and I love the pretty ribbon and flower.


Here's another one in Christmas, for the wee bebes, that just will NOT photograph. I think it's any reds. Weird. It really IS pretty IRL, though.

I'm on my sixth one but forgot to keep taking pictures of them. The current one is rainbow, but of course it won't have any jingle bells on it for baby to choke on. Too bad, I really love the bells and rainbow seems such an appropriate one to put them on!

Next I think I'm going to do an all-copper one, my first solid, because I can't figure out what else to put with copper. It just doesn't look right with any of the other colors I have.

Today, Rob had to stand watch (bah!) all day, so the Neptune Festival was out. I mean, I could have taken the kids down there by myself, but I could also stab myself in the eye with a sharp stick, and that would be infinitely more fun. So I guess we'll have to wait a whole 'nother year for Neptune. At least we know we'll be here.

Still thinking about that yarn shop. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually try and figure out some of the financial terminology my dad told me about, check out SCORE and see who can help me. Running the business, not so fun, but actually HAVING it? Would be tons.

The kids had a no-TV day until after dinner, so they made good use of themselves playing school and other fun pursuits while I played with tutus in the next room. Chloë was the teacher, and she worked on spelling and writing with the Littles! It was pretty cool, and fun to listen to. She kept showing me Sophie's amazing writing, which was actually just Chloë's holding her little hand.

Well, back to tulle-tying. Not a lot of bloggy variety this weekend, eh?