...But Who's Counting?
Messy Mellie

The Lamest Weekend Ever Continues...

We didn't do much on Sunday, either. Rob took the kids out in my van to Home Depot to get a stabilizing bar thingy for my craft desk, while I slept. And slept.

I had no idea where they were or when they were returning, so I got back to my scrapbooking! I've done a lot of pages this weekend. Not sure I'm loving them, but whatever. It's getting done. I need more inspiration, though.

When they got home and had eaten lunch, we all went upstairs. They kids and Rob wanted naps, and I was going to take a shower and go grocery shopping. Finally, so I could make Rob's birthday cake.  But the bed (and Rob's arms) looked so cozy, I lay down with him "just for a minute." I stayed and napped some more, for hours.

Chloë napped in the bed with us. Every so often, I'd wake just enough to hear a little girl snore. I'd smile to myself and cuddle back to sleep.

Finally, we all arose, and I took that shower and went shopping. Thankfully, I didn't completely kill my back doing it; it's been in a really bad place lately.  The guy behind me at the register bowed to me and said, "You are the master!" when he saw my total keep going down from all the coupons. That felt good, but I still only saved 8%, far below my goal of 12-15% off the total.

The kids are always thrilled to pieces when I come home from the grocery store. It's their favorite thing ever to look and see everything I purchased. They exclaim excitedly over each item: "You got cereal! Oh! you bought bananas! Oh, oh, more fruit snacks!"

We had dinner, and they went to bed. While Rob was showering, I meant to keep scrapping, but after just a page, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the tired. Makes no sense, considering I'd slept half the day away, but I couldn't stay awake.

So I slept some more, while Rob tippy-typed on his computer. Apparently I wouldn't shut up and kept chattering away in my sleep, and he'd answer me and I'd go off some more. Wish I could have heard it!

Eventually I woke up, and here I am, at 0332 on Monday morning. Happy Labor Day, and y'all stay safe down there in hurricane land, y'hear?