CAT Scratch Fever
Still Making Tulle Belts

Tulle Frenzy

Again with the tutus and hairclips tonight. Well, I've only made one pair of clips and might quit; I'm suddenly feeling verah sleepy.


First came this rainbow one. I really like it, but Rob doesn't. What do you think? He's not sure what his problem with it is, but Chloë and I both think it's cute, so he can sod off!


Then this wine and black one. My camera didn't like to photograph it. I think it has a problem with tulle. This one's very dark and dramatic. It's pretty. Would be good for portraits.


And lastly, I made this all-pinks one for my friend A, who is going to buy it for her niece. I've been wanting to make one with all the pinks, and I'm glad with how it turned out. So cute!


I made these hairclips to match the last tutu, just in case she wanted some... ;)

I really need to find a big bag of plain, larger silver clips. I can find them online but not in person. All the ones I've found are colored and small! What is the deal? They used to be everywhere.

So have I mentioned here the yarn shop that's for sale in town? I would love, love to own it. It's a rather big store and does a brisk business, and today I had Robert call (because I'm a big chicken) and find out how much it was. $180,000!!!!! With a down payment of $100,000! Oy. I asked my dad for some business advice, because he's nothing if not full of that, and now feel even more completely overwhelmed and in over my head with the idea. I still have dreams and hopes of doing it, and now I know where to begin, but oh, my. I know nothing about business. Time for some swift training!

Today, we were supposed to go to the Neptune Festival down at the oceanfront, but it was rainy and we were tired and cranky. We went to Aldo's for a lunchtime mystery shop, and the kids would not keep still in their chairs at all. I mean, they weren't naughty, they were just bouncy. Rob and I were exhausted from the night before (me from CAT and him from???), and I had gotten up early with the kiddos while he slept, until we were all starving. There was no milk for cereal, and he'd buried the cinnamon rolls, so I had to finally wake him at 1100.

Anyway, so we all went home to nap after the shop and didn't go to either the Festival or to church. Bah. We did have a very nice dinner, though. (Chicken Kiev with wild rice and peas; Schwan's ice cream for dessert as usual.)

Don't know whether I'm going to do more crafty stuff tonight for the bazaar or just take my pills and crash. It's a toss-up.

{Oh, a note to my fellow bloggers: While I'm tying tutus, I'm reading your blogs, but obviously can't post comments with a desk full of tulle. Sorry! I am keeping up, though!}