Hodge Podge
WMFW: Organizing Kitchen Edition


I'm getting sick of tutus.

Sort of.

And then again, I'm not.

They're fun to make, and they're just so pretty. Each time I make a new one, when it's finished, I have to admire it for a minute or two and think, "Well that may just be the purtiest one yet!"

Good thing.

It's just over a month to the big holiday bazaar, so I have plenty of time to get things ready. In the meantime, I found a bunch of smaller shows listed in the paper, and I called them all up tonight to see about being a vendor. No one's gotten back to me yet, but if they do, I'll be doing that for the next two Saturdays and getting a feel for the tutu market! Fortunately, these are much much cheaper to enter, and I'd only need to sell one or two to make up my entrance fee.

The Bigs went to school today for the fall intersession classes. There are two sets of classes: "plus" for the kids doing well and "paws" for those that need a bit of extra help. Both of them were invited to the "plus" classes! Chloë's is about camping, and Jack's is about farm animals. It's like pulling teeth to get him to talk about what they did today, but I did hear a few times about milk coming from cows and eggs coming from chickens, and the like. Chloë had a ton of fun and is bringing a pillow and sleeping bag with her to school tomorrow. No more desks and chairs for the rest of the week! Sounds like a hoot.

I screwed up today, though. I thought they got out of school at 12:30 PM, when in actuality it was noon. So at 20 after twelve, the school called me to say the kids had been taken back there because no one met them at the bus stop. Oooops. Rushed right over and picked them up, looking like a big, fat idiot. I won't be making that mistake again!

They both needed to rest, so I played with Sophia while the Bigs rested, after lunch.  All she wanted to do was watch Noggin, but I tried to engage her in other tasks. We sang a few songs and read a couple stories, but she didn't want to do any arts and crafts with me. Bah. And we can't tomorrow, either, because it's a Barbara day.

After the Bigs got up and had snacks, we took Chloë to Ballet. Again, I just dropped her off and ran to A.C. Moore to use my Tuesday-only coupon. I picked up a stamp set, because at some point I'd like to start making cards and need to stock up on them. I think I have all of three now, plus a set of alphabets. And three stamp pads. But one at 50% off a week should build me up!

We went back to the studio and sat in the van while the rain poured down heavily around us. Every time the thunder boomed, the Nons screamed in fear. Poor kids. Especially Sophia, who is terrified of thunder. Meanwhile, I crocheted and finished a project for a friend, which I can't show you because she reads this and doesn't know about it yet!

It was still coming down when we got home, so we sat in the car to wait it out. I normally just put Chloë in her dance clothes - shoes and all - so I don't have to wait forever and a day for her to change, and I didn't want  her getting ruined in the rain and muck. So I finished my crocheting while the kids unbuckled and moved freely about the cabin, er, van. They love pressing all the buttons and moving things around, checking the lights, looking in the mirrors. It's cute and I like watching them explore and experiment, as long as they don't touch the no-no buttons like the ignition and my radio presets!

Finally it let up, so we moved inside. Rob came in just as the kids and I were about to start baking brownies for dessert. He cleaned up the kitchen while we baked. I forgot to take pictures; I have camnesia again lately. The kids did just about everything but the heavy lifting, this time! We just used a mix, so it was quick and easy. Chloë sprayed the pan. Jack dumped the brownie mix in the bowl. Sophia added the walnuts. Jack added the vegetable oil. Sophia dumped in the water. Chloë cracked the egg (in a separate bowl, in case she busted it all up - this was her first time!) and poured it into the bowl. She did a great job. They all took turns stirring, and when I got the bowl at the end to mix up whatever they didn't get, there wasn't anything! They did it all. Chloë helped me pour the mix into the pan. Jack got to lick the wooden spoon, Chloë the rubber scraper, and Sophia, well:


She got the bowl. She stuck her whole head in it, rather than dipping her fingers in and licking them like I would do! (Photo courtesy of her highly amused father.)

All three of them ate a really great dinner so they would be able to get brownies for dessert. They seemed to take extra pleasure in the eating, as well they should!

Well, I think I'm going to make yet another tutu and then hit the hay. That will be #32. Ay ay ay.