Short and Fat, er, Fast

You Dipchiller!

Today was hard.

I'm just ever so sleepy! I could hardly stay awake today. The Littles got into the red food coloring while I was chilling, and I thought Sophia had blood all over her. That woke me up, but not for long.

I was too tired to even shower before the girls had dance class. I tried, just couldn't make it. So instead of waiting in the studio while Sophia was in her class, I brought her in, put Chloë in there with her (the teacher had invited her to join last week, to make Sophie more comfortable), and went back out to the car with Jack.

After I talked to my grandfather - who is home from the hospital again, yay! - and called for a bulk pick-up for all the big boxes we have to get rid of, I napped. Jack was so good; he just sat there in silence, holding his truck.

When my alarm went off, I retrieved Soap from her nancy-dancy-prancy class and sent Chloë back in. Again, the children just sat in their seats while I napped. I brought my crocheting but couldn't do it. I had calls to make but couldn't stay awake.

{Apparently Sophie didn't cry and actually danced in her class this week! So we'll try it again next week, this time without her sister in the room. Good stuff.}

And then Rob asked me, when I got home, if I've been taking my iron pills. Um, no, actually, I haven't. Gee, could the two be related?! I guess I'll be popping those again, too. Ugh. I hate them.

I did manage to bake chocolate chip cookies for Bunco tonight. Jack always gets so pissed when I do that, because he doesn't think it's fair I should make any cookies for someone else but him and the girls. But it's what I had signed up to make; I had no choice. Which sucked, because I was out of brown sugar and had to use all white. Those suckers were hard. Not my best work. Oh, well.

Bunco was tons of fun, even though most of us were in a 'blah' mood, maybe because of the seasonal change. I played really well tonight (as if skill were involved!) and won the top prize! I chose a 'circle of friends' statue that's just like the COF candle holder my SIL gave me once. Love it!

So I think I'm burned out on the scrapbooking. I need to finish the Brownies pictures so I can bring the album to the next meeting, but I may take a break on the rest for now and get into something else. I really want to do some more sewing...


Here are the five cocooning 'pillars! One fell on the "floor" though. He'll be fine. The others are still crawling around.  I can't wait for butterflies!

And that was our day.