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A Fortnight To Go

Are we all ready for Election Day yet? I am. On my message board, the arguments about the candidates have disintegrated into constant personal attacks. I am trying to stay out of all that while keeping my head up. Soon, either a woman or a black man will be in the Executive Branch, a historic change for this country either way. I'm looking forward to... um... Obama winning. Laugh 

Today was a pretty good day for us. Everyone got up for school on time, had breakfast (albeit not the most nutritious, but it's all I can do to get something in Jack's belly first thing in the morning) and made it to the bus.

Afterward, I chatted online with my friend C while listing a bunch of things on Etsy: another dish cloth/towel set, and more than a dozen of my frilly little headbands.  Suddenly, more people "favorited" my shop, and I got two orders right away for the headbands! It was exciting. I've been waiting all day for a third, but it hasn't happened. That's okay; two was great! Now I know to list things in the morning rather than late at night.

Sophie was still sound asleep, so I lay down for a couple of hours until I heard her and had to get up. We had breakfast, I showered and got us dressed. Jack came home, and shortly after, we jumped in the car. I had to go see my meds doc for refills. Bah. Not my favorite doctor. He never smiles, he's not personable. But the children behaved for me, and he gave approving glances their way.

Of course, as soon as we got into the hall to make my next appointment, they started shouting and stomping their feet, and someone got up and shut their door, down the hall! Heh. Can't win 'em all!

Next, I announced to them that I had to stop at the post office, to mail those two headbands (hey, when you sell two things - or fewer - a day, you have fast turn-around). Whenever I say we're going somewhere, they get all giddy and shout, "Can we come? Can we come? Can we come?" No, lovies, I thought I'd drop you off at home while I ran errands by myself.

In the P.O., Jack suddenly either remembered or invented a sock I'd never heard before, and he kept singing it in his squeaky little voice. I saw people exchanging smiles at that and Sophie's constant jabbering about "what's this, who's that, Mom look," etc. I love it when people enjoy my babies. It makes me feel like we're doing something right here.

I intended on going home after that, but my car drove to Wendy's instead. I'm really trying hard to kick this soda habit, but unfortunately, instead of buying a pack of Diet Coke for the fridge, now I can go through a drive-through and buy a Sprite instead! Gah. I'm working on it, I'm working on it... I have been drinking a lot more water and Crystal Light lately, and I know I'll get there before my surgery.

Let's see... after we got home, I checked email again and found that I'd just been paid for Jack's Nemo costume from last year, which I just sold on eBay. Argh. Of course she couldn't have paid me before I went to the post office... Good thing it's right around the corner.

The kids and I didn't do much for the next hour or so except have lunch and enjoy each other's company. Sophia was really into her penguin (Squawk) and duckie (Pansy) today, and Jack carried around a bunch of matchbox cars in a newly-rediscovered Jeep toybox of his. They latch onto a toy each day and can't bear to part with it.

When they started getting cranky, I looked at the clock and debated. We only had about an hour and a half before we had to leave for dance, but I thought they could use some rest. I put them down in their rooms and headed downstairs myself. I was going to go through the too-small clothes to see what to Freecycle and what to eBay, but I ended up falling asleep before I knew what hit me! Next thing I knew, Chloë was standing over me, saying, "Mommy, I'm home!" Whoa.

I kissed her and then sent her off to start her homework while I snoozed a short while longer. She woke me up at 1600, right on time. I had her go get the Littles for me, who definitely had not slept, and then change into her tap uniform.  When everyone was ready, off we drove to the dance studio.

Today was Military Monday at the CHKD Thrift Store, so I thought I'd check it out again and see if anything new had come in since last week. Oh, boy, howdy! I found a ton of great deals again, still for cheap. Pierre Cardin for $1.99, Ralph Lauren, lots more Gymboree... I got a humongous bag full of new clothes for the kids for $44, all name brand and in great condition. Think I'll wait a month before going back, though, or this new habit will kill us! I still didn't find anything great for Jack in 3T - maybe one shirt - so I'll have to shop for him.  I was only wishing I had a wee baby to shop for, since there was tons of great stuff in tee-tiny. {Steph, you should go!}

It was almost time for Chloë to come out when we returned, so I didn't get to start my book, Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code (yeah, I'm late to that party, too). My phone rang, though, and it was from Chloë's agent in L.A. I was all excited for a moment, thinking they had something for us, but it was just to tell us about the casting convention they're holding in March, which we'd already decided to attend. So I went ahead and signed up for it, and we'll have to figure out what to do with the Littles. Unfortunately it's right on Jack's birthday, which I hate to miss... so, not sure.

When we arrived at home, Rob was there, and we just barely said hello before going out to dinner to to a mystery shop at Gordon Biersch. We have been there at least three times before, but I always answer "no" when they ask if it's my first time somewhere, to give them a chance to sell us on the menu and drop some knowledge. Chloë totally dimed me out, though, looking at me crazy and saying, "Yes, we have, Mom!" I did the only thing I could do, give her the crazy back and say, "No, we have not!" Hopefully the waiter bought that little charade.

Dinner was good, although we couldn't get the Nons - yes, even Soap! - to eat more than bread and butter. Chloë ate a great meal but mostly enjoyed the pine nuts and mushrooms off my goat cheese ravioli. We had a huge portion of carrot cake for dessert, and then suddenly their forks were flying. Of course. At least, uh, it had a vegetable in it?

We left Daddy at the table so he could perform the bar requirements of the shop for me (someone had to drink a beer, and it wasn't gonna be me!), while I walked the kids back to the parking garage.  A large group of men was at the corner, and when we rounded, they stared at the four of us. I debated for a quick second before deciding they were safe; I felt no fear. (Have you ever read the book The Gift of Fear? I highly recommend it for all women.) They turned away and went back to their conversation, crossing the street ahead of the light and leaving us alone. Whew.

Back at the car, I suddenly had to go to the bathroom now, and I started texting Rob like mad to hurry up so we could get home. (I don't go to the bathroom anywhere but home, if I can help it! I totally held it all the way home from Europe to Virginia Beach, not even going on our layover in NYC! It's a thing, for me. And not a germ phobe thing, either; I'm just weird.) He ignored my texts!  So we left the parking garage and drove around to the side of the restaurant, where I called him and said, "I am right outside and it's an emergency. CHUG!"

That worked.

So, we went home, did the homework thing and the bedtime, and then Rob and I watched TV and . . .