Missing Ellie

Come See The Softer Side

Today, we had an appointment at Sears for Chloë's 7th birthday portraits. Normally, I go one day and get the package, and then go the next for wallets in additional poses and outfits. I haven't been doing that lately but changed my mind today when I found a coupon for a $4.99 package - best deal I've seen in a while. So, we'll go back again tomorrow.

Our appointment was at noon, and we got there just in time. Ellie, or normal photog, is at a different store right now, so I made the appointment with Angie, the store manager. I don't trust the other girls (or really even Angie) with my portraits; as far as I'm concerned, Ellie is our star. I can't wait for her to come back, but the other store is in a bad area, and I do not want to take the children there.

Well, it turns out if I have good reason to mistrust the other girls: whomever I spoke to did not record our appointment! We had to wait a full hour before we were seen. Highly annoying, especially since the kids were getting antsy and starting to act like wascally wabbits for the last of it. When I made my appointment for tomorrow, I made sure to double-check that it had been recorded!

Anyway, on with the show (keeping in mind these are the unedited photos):

ChloeSeven1 Her shoes were bothering her, so once again, we went with bare feet.

Chloeseven2 Not my favorite look. What's with the hunching over?

ChloeSeven3 Sweet. Perfect. I chose this one.

ChloeSeven4 Interesting, laying down the "7" like that, but I don't like the look overall.

ChloeSeven5 She is wearing one of the headbands I made; it just happened to be the exact same shade of lavendar as her dress.

ChloeSeven6  This look is weird to me. I don't like the odd angle.

ChloeSeven8 I thought this was cute and more grown-up looking, so when Angie offered me a free sheet of wallets in any pose to make up for the appointment mix-up, I chose this one.

More show tomorrow!