Big Show Tomorrow!

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Oh, woe is me!!

I thought we were done with all the kids' hair-cutting incidents. I thought Sophia's pretty little blond hair was finally growing long and was going to stay that way.

I was wrong.

I had to cut out a second knot from her hair this morning. I did yesterday, too. I thought I hid well where I put the scissors afterward, but she found them, oh, yes she did.

Here's what happened:

I'm still sick, so rather than doing my running around and laundry and everything, I decided to sit on the reclining couch with the Littles and read stories for Jack's reading challenge until I lost my voice.

We were in the middle of the sixth book, the unbearable Disney's Prince and the Pauper, when I must have dozed. I remember both of them leaning against my chest, under their respective blankets, and I must have just read myself to sleep.

Next thing I know, it's about a half-hour later, and my phone is ringing, waking me up. I could hear the Nons but not see them. After my phone call, I called them to me. Jack danced in and onto  my lap, but Sophie was hiding behind the other couch. Finally I insisted she come over, and when she did, I gasped.

She. Had. No. Hair.

Oh, there were a few long strands here and there, but for the most part, her pretty locks were completely butchered. I wanted to cry! I still want to cry. Why? Oh Why, oh why, oh why, did she do this again?!!!

I didn't know what to do right at that moment other than send her to her room. It was time for a nap anyway, so I sent Jack, too. And then, still in shock, I called their father and reported the dirty deed.

I feel so bad. She looks so pretty with hair and so... well, right now things aren't looking so good.

I wandered into the office and found this scene atop my purse:


All my girl's hair, in clumps, hacked off onto the floor. Oh, I wanted to sob. Listen, if your kid hasn't done this to herself and you're thinking I'm over-reacting, then you just don't know until you have been there. Three and a half years, it has taken to grow those pretty yellow strands, and now they are gone.

Since they were now down for naps, and I felt like crap and had not much better to do, I chose to toss all the hair in the garbage and go lie back down, myself. Chloë came home, and I sent her upstairs to rest before the big night of trick-or-treating.

When everyone started moving around a couple of hours later, I called them downstairs to get ready to dress up, and I got the scissors. There was nothing to do but hack off the rest of the long bits of Sophie's hair. My one silly consoling thought was that she wouldn't have odd bits of hair sticking out of her costume hood like Chloë would.

Daddy came home while they were dressing, so after he helped everyone finish, I took some quick pictures of my sillykins. You can see they were way too excited for trick-or-treating to calm down and take any decent pictures!




And then we went outside for more of the same goofiness:




No, we never did get around to carving those pumpkins. Ach.

So off they went, with their dad, while I stayed behind to hand out candy and notify the winners of my give-aways. (Yay, fun! I haven't won any yet... rats.)

Oh, and the hair? Sophie fetched my camera after dinner so I could show you how she butchered herself:


Is that not awful?! Especially the look on her face, hehe. I made her smile for the next one so she wouldn't look like I'd just beaten her:


She insisted I take a picture of the back, too:



Staceeeeeeeeeeeey! Help?!