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If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now

I think that every single time we drive into our neighborhood after dance class. There are two lanes on the street leading into it; the right lane flies by and I can zip right home, while the left lane is slow and long and just sits there for God knows how long. One small blessing for me, with three angsty kids in the back.

I keep falling asleep during my normal blogging time. Last night, and the night before, I fell asleep before midnight, and this time I slept straight through! Which is good for me but maybe not... oh, who am I kidding, it's probably better for you, too.

So aside from the usual day-to-day and runs to dance class, here's what we've been up to:


Sophia's been rocking out lately on her Backyardigans karaoke radio thingy. Notice the rockstar combination of gymnastics leotard and Diego accessories!


I just love how it looks like she has a sweet little smile on her spaghettio-encrusted face, when really this was caught in the midst of some major head-bangin'.


My original intention was to use my AC Moore coupon for 25% off my total order to get all the Wilton cake decorating tips I didn't already have. They're like, a buck apiece, so no big deal. But I went a little crazy and got the toolbox to store them all in, too. I love it! Now I can see exactly what I've got (and you'll notice there's still space for more, I've just gotta find 'em!) instead of having a pile of tips in a box. I already had the coloring but got the extra bag couplers and tools on the left, too.


Plenty of space in the bottom to store cupcake holders, decorating bags - oh, and all the directions and tabs off the tips so I can remember what to do with them all! ☺


Of course, then I had to do some baking. I also picked up this gigantic tub of Wilton icing, which I'd never used before, so I wouldn't have to worry about making my own. There's no cake in my immediate future, just lots and lots of practice, so I decided to have fun and make up a bunch of cupcakes for the kiddies to enjoy (okay, and Rob and me, too). We ran to the grocery store during Chloë's jazz class and bought four boxes of cake mix.

Two interesting things happened during that trip: (1) We ran into the VP of the kids' school at the check-out. She was very pleasant as usual; I really like her. She's the one I call when I have a problem, which seems to be often. Maybe she doesn't like me as much as I like her, but she doesn't show it! She was waiting for the cashier to come back, and when he did, he had her cigarettes. She seemed embarrassed for us to see them and threw them quickly into her purse. I only mention it because Jack was there, and if I were a school employee in whatever capacity, I probably wouldn't want the students to see me smoking, either.  (Not that I do.) Would you?

(2) When we were getting into the van, parked directly across from us were some people we had seen in the store. Two adult females, with a teeny-tiny baby. They were buckling the baby into the front seat of the car, with no carseat! They sat her up like an adult, but I couldn't even see the tiny girl, and I got up out of my van to watch them do this! There are just some things I will not stand by and watch, so I memorized the license plate and car make, and I called 911. They took all the information and said they would send a cruiser out. I have no idea whether they did, but for the life of that poor baby girl, I sure hope they follow up on it.

Anyway, cake.

I bought strawberry (that one's for you, C!), chocolate, lemon, and carrot. I let the kids decide which one to make first. Sophia chose strawberry, Jack chose chocolate, and Chloë chose lemon. Of course! In the end, somehow, we all decided on the strawberry.


Here they are with their crumb coating after cooling. Of course, there are/were more of them, but I had to get these done first so the kids could have one and then get to bed.


Now remember, this was just for practice using all the tips, not necessarily to be "pretty" or anything! My first choice was the "grass" or "hair" tip, and I just loved it! It looked so cool. At least up until I smashed the lid of the toolbox open on it. Isn't that rad?


The second one, I learned to do some petals. I should have done the whole top in one giant mum-like flower, but I'd already tried to do the ribboning on it first.


Next up, some cool stars. I love the star tips.


After that, I used a "leaf" tip. I think I need more practice with ending the leaves, but when I get good at it, they'll be so pretty!


I learned to make shells, and whatever you'd call the thingy in the middle!


At last, the basket weave tip. I don't know how well I did, but Rob really liked this one. It sure was fun to use. Which one is your favorite?


The elite six. Yeah, that's the ticket.


Of course, now the requisite four pictures of everyone enjoying their cupcakes...! Rob was totally posing in this picture. He doesn't like frosting at ALL and wiped his off! Argh. Save it for someone who wants it and eat a plain one, you poopster!


As with all her food (doughnuts, sandwiches, apple slices...), Sophia ate from the top down, rather from the side. She cracks me UP! (And yes, she does have a booboo eye. She and Jack were jumping on the bed and cracked heads. He's fine.)


And, no surprise here, Chloë licked off all the frosting before peeling off the Tinkerbell wrapper.


You never know how Jack's going to eat something. (Half-naked today, I guess.) You don't even know IF, half the time.


Of course, I had to go a little hog-wild and buy the cupcake caddy, too! That will come in great for bringing them to school. I really need two, though.

Next time, lemon - and yellow frosting! Wheeee.

Okay, I hear Sophia waking up, so I've gotta run and get her some breakfast and then get started on a bunch of tutus that have been ordered. Yes!