All About Bob

One More Day

I had blissfully little on my schedule for today. No running around, no going, no being somewhere. {Well, aside from our appointment with the broker for the yarn shop, but I have thought it over and decided now is not the right time to pursue that.}

It didn't mean I had nothing to do.

The dance shop owner emailed me and wanted to order 8 tutus from me. I had three made for  her and made five more over the course of today, just finishing the last one.

I sold another tutu - for the second time - so I had to make up the second one and hairclips to match. That will ship out tomorrow.

I still need to make up the tutus for the big show, having sold a dozen or so and now knowing what the popular colors should be.

I made up another batch of cupcakes - lemon, this time - and am about to go frost them.  Rob went to AC Moore for me today to get some tulle I needed, and sweetie that he is, he picked up all the Wilton food colors for me! So I may play around a bit with color, too.

That first batch of cupcakes is ALL gone already! I let the kids eat them for breakfast. And snack. And another snack. Hee. Hopefully the second batch will last a little longer - but don't hold your breath.

I read a couple chapters in my book, The DaVinci Code. I'm only on Chapter 4, but it's already riveting.

I have a bid on one of my lots of eBay clothes. Yay! It's one of the last lots I expected to sell.

What else? The kids were really fun today. I can't think of a thing to share, though, even though I know cute things were said and done. Rats.

That's about it. Back to my cuppycakes.