WMFW: Organizing Kitchen Edition
Totally Fried!

Scooping Up The Field Mice...

You didn't miss anything yesterday on my little bloggy break. Barbara came, but we didn't go out. I was just exhausted, so the kiddies and I played in my bed, jumping, riding on my back, giggling, cuddling, the whole time she was here. I took Sophia to her dance class, and she went in happily and willingly. Chloë then went in for jazz while the Nons and I sat in the car. I crocheted a new dishcloth. We couldn't go fundraising because of the rain. I made a bunch of tutus. The end.

I'm tempted to do the pithy, long drawn-out version of today, but because I want to get back to my crafting, you'll get the bullets instead for today:

  • Got the Bigs up, dressed, fed, packed, snacked for school and off to the bus stop.
  • Made some phone calls, including to schedule the Littles (Jack fits both categories, y'notice? and Chloë is too old now) for the childcare center at the hospital, and to set myself up for two craft shows for this and next Saturday! I need the practice, since I've never done a bazaar/show/flea market before and want a trial run or two before the big one on 11/2.
  • Took a nap until Sophia awoke. God, that felt good. Wished it was longer.
  • Ran to the bus stop to pick up the kids, fed them lunch, hung out with them for about 45 minutes
  • Showered lickety-split, dressed on the fly, ran out the door
  • Drove to Portsmouth Naval Hospital, dropped the Littles off at childcare, took Chloë with me to my nutrition appointment
  • Had my eyes opened to the severe protein shortage in my diet, got a lot of good information for correcting that, learned quit a bit about how to eat to lose and survive after the surgery
  • Picked up the Littles, raced home to get my Fall Product info and the Brownies vest, and got to the Brownies meeting 10 minutes late
  • Got two more of the moms to fill out their permission slips - finally! - and grumbled to the self about the last mom who was not there and has not replied to any of my emails about such
  • Waited in the car with the Littles for the remainder of time, crocheting on my towel to match yesterday's dishcloth. Probably won't finish that by Saturday's sale. Oh, well.
  • Got home 3½ seconds ahead of Rob. Grabbed him in car, headed to Panera for dinner.
  • Got our grub on, enjoyed the company of my family, thrilled over the good appetites of my bebes
  • Left the family to run next door to Michael's to buy some headbands (more on that in a bit), ribbons, and things to keep going
  • Came home, made a dozen headbands, burned the hell out of four fingertips and said a plethora of four-letter-words while waving my hands around frantically
  • Watched the VP debate. Snickered repeatedly over "gosh darn it" and "O'Biden" and "The ultimate bridge to nowhere". Groaned over the repeated usages of "nu-cu-ler" and "maverick"
  • Finished headbands, moving on to finish the last of 40 tutus, came here to blog...


The mountain of tutus in the office, including in that big white garbage bag! Now I have to tag and price them all...


These are the headbands I'm making, to go along with the tutes. They're really very pretty on my little girls, so I'm hoping other little girls will beg for them, too! Do you like them?

Okay, me and my poor burned fingers have some tulle to cut. Ciao.