Scooping Up The Field Mice...
Recovery Mode

Totally Fried!

Today was the first 'craft show,' although it wasn't! Rob and I were up 'til 4 AM getting ready, and then we had to wake up at 6 AM to start setting up there at 6:30. It started at 8 am and we finished just in time. Only, I was surprised that (a) it was outside and (b) it was a yard sale type thing, not really a craft show at all! So most people were selling crap.

I just prayed I'd make enough to cover my $20 table fee, and I did!

I sold two tutus and two sets of hairclips, for $38. Not a huge amount, but it met and passed my goal, so I am happy.

My other big goal was to learn what to do and just see if I should change anything for the big show coming up. I'm going to do another show next Saturday that IS actually a craft fair, so hopefully I'll do a little better.

The good thing is, there was a LOT of interest in my tutus. LITERALLY, though, every other person thought they were for dogs!!! WHAT?!  And then a lot of people thought they were for teddy bears. So it was kind of weird. I'll have to make a sign. But saying what?

I did get tons and tons and tons of compliments about how gorgeous they were, just that I was in the wrong venue for my stuff. Lots of people took my business cards and said they wanted to order them for Christmas or whatever, so I'm hoping there will be a little more business from it in the future, too. And I got some more tips about where to sell, and I had a lady who owns the big flea market in town tell me they were "cute as shit" and BEG me to come and open a booth there.

So I was really pleased and flattered with all the positive attention all day long! I got a MAJOR sunburn on my face, and I think I burned my lips and eyes, which really sucks, but it was worth it. I had a good time. And Rob stayed with me the entire day; our kids were with the sitter. He was a great help!