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Wordless Wednesday: Jack and Chloë, Back In The Day

Tylenol Sinus In The Hizzy!!

I'm still sick, but guess what? Rob had to work and children don't take a day off.

Well, actually, my chilldren DID take a day off - from school, that is - which made it even more work for me.

One thing I hate about my kids is that they don't know how to act sick when they are sick. KWIM? They were coughing like crazy and had fevers, so I dutifully kept them home from school (for the first time this year; there goes our perfect attendance!). 

I sent them back to bed, but they kept coming down every 20 minutes to see if they could get up yet. Argh! That's not the point of staying home sick, children! Finally I relented and let them "rest on the couch," when Sophia woke up, but they couldn't stick their tiny hinies to the seats and were constantly up, playing, running around, and making themselves cough worse.

I did think it was cute when three sets of eyes came pleading up to me to "please make chicken noodle soup for lunch to help us feel better?" Of course, I did. I mean, I opened a can of soup, I didn't just whip out some chicken and dumplings right then and there! But they actually ate it, so I hope it helped.

I started feeling better around noon, thanks to the titularly-mentioned meds, which was good because I was sorta sick of sitting on my butt entering all the giveaways! (I've been doing it all day and am somehow only up to #100! But then I have been doing, doing, doing, too...) Oh, so I needed Chloë to fetch me something. It went like this:

M: Chloë, could you get me a pen, please?

C: What's a 'ped'?

M: Huh? A pen!

C: What is a PED?!

M: Nevermind, I'll get my OWN ped. I mean, pennnn!

I hate a stuffy nose.

Where was I? Somewhere during naptime, Karen from Brownies called to come pick up her Fall Product order. Sure, come right on over. Except, whoopsie, I was sick and busy all weekend and forgot to sort it out. So I trudged outside in my slippers and bralessness and quickly put her order together, just as she was coming around the block. Whew!

Karen is always the picture of put-together glam mom. Me, not so much. She probably lives in a gorgeous house, too. That's why I waited outside at the van for her, so she wouldn't get a peek inside ours!

Oh, and I decided to bake a cake. The kids voted (chocolate beat out carrot; double layer cake beat out cupcakes), and I went to work at naptime. I got the cakes baked, and before we went to dance class, I got them sorta frosted in chocolate.

It kinda sucked when a side of the cake fell off, though. So much for perfection. Glad it wasn't anyone's birthday cake!

Chloë decided she felt well enough for tap class, but I suspect that's because she was allowed to wear her Halloween costume for it. But not this year's - last year's. She wanted to be able to dance, after all. I didn't take pictures. You remember the Kim Possible costume? That.

We didn't go anywhere during dance class, for once. Rob and I made a solemn vow to try not to spend any unnecessary money in November, and I decided to start this week. It helps that there was no AC Moore ad in the paper, but I didn't even go to the thrift store for Military Monday! 

I just sat there and read my book (DaVinci Code). I didn't get very far, only up to about Chapter 15 from 6 or 7, because it's the kind of book you really have to pay attention to - at least this part - and you don't really get to do that when Sophie's constantly begging you to turn up the radio, open the doors, turn down the radio, close the doors, etc., and Jack is looking at the Toys 'R Us ad and telling you "I want this and this and this and this. And then for my birthday I want..."

Twice today, we have had the lecture about kids less fortunate than him, and remembering that when he is "I want"ing me to death.

It hasn't sunk in. Rob cautioned me not to put the weight of the world on the five-year-old's shoulders, but dang. Stop telling me what you want all the time!!!

I'm glad he had that ad, though! I found that the $350 Escalade he wants is on sale for $299 and didn't want to miss out. I get our Christmas money on Saturday, so I told him to stop by on his way home from work to pick it up, and then I'd put that money... well, whatever, he stopped and got it. 

When we got home from dance, the kids went downstairs to play while I decided to both frost the cake and make dinner at the same time! That was interesting. I got the icing out to warm up to room temperature, then I started slicing up the chicken breasts. Icing was still cold, so I prepared the chicken (I made the French's onion recipe on the can - it's good!) and put that in the oven. I picked out my icing colors, mixed them up, then got out the corn and stuffing to cook. Filled up my decorator bags, then put the sides on the burners. Get the point, back and forth, back and forth.


Finally dinner was done, and I finished the cake. (Remember, this is just practice!! Not for beauty! LOL) Although you never would have known it, from the way Chloë was exclaiming over it: "Mom, that's beautiful! It's gorgeous! You should enter it in a cake contest! I know you would win! Will you show me how to make cakes like that when I'm 8? I love those colors!" and so on.

I took the picture so you couldn't see the piece that fell off, on the back. And I still really don't know how to finish the leaves to a point, even though I've tried every angle and technique I could think of. Guess I'll have to look it up on the Wilton site or some such. But the kids absolutely loved it, and I put it right in the middle of the table to point out to them when they balked over eating their dinner. "Do you want that cake? Yes? Good, eat your chicken!"

After dinner, I ran to Sears to pick up the portraits. Only, the back door I usually use was locked. I drove to the next door and parked - ahem, illegally - and then booked it through the store so I wouldn't get a ticket, or worse, towed. I was so out of breath by the time I got to the Portrait Studio! "Pictures...huh huh huh ... pick up! ...huh huh ...Please!" Embarassing.

But I got them, and high-tailed it back to the door, praying all the while that my van would still be there. And it was! With no ticket or boots! Yippee.

So now I'm back to the giveaways, but I might go have a second little piece of cake. Whether you think it's pretty or ugly, it sure is yummy!