Scooping Up The Field Mice...

WMFW: Organizing Kitchen Edition

We have a lot of kid dishes around here. Small bowls, sippy cups, and tiny silverware abound in our kitchen. It can really take over, so what I decided to do was dedicate separate cupboards just for the kids' stuff.

We have grown-up silverware in the top drawer, in its own organizer, and the next drawer down is the kids'. All those Gerber forks and spoons clutter up their own drawer and not mine. It's a slight relief, actually!

Above, the kids have their own cupboard for all their cups and sippies. I try to put the lids and valves on the sippies as soon as they're all dry - don't do it when there's any moisture or you'll get gross mold that they'll ingest - and keep them out of sight.

And finally, the kids' plates and bowls have their own shelf in the dish cupboard. It really makes things easier.


So the key, for me, is separation. Dish apartheid, that's what it's all about.

Works for me!