Oh, Ma Darlin', Oh, Ma Darlin'...
Wordless Wednesday: Sophia's First Birthday

Back In The Saddle Again

I've taken two sick days off from life.

I've been completely wiped. I've gone nowhere, done nothing, seen nobody except the few people who have come to the door.

I did manage to get the kids to school, get everyone fed (not necessarily dressed unless dress-up counts, for Sophia?), and get a few more dishcloths crocheted. (I've made about 20-22 now and am getting totally sick of them! But the payday keeps me going...)

I have not showered since Sunday and yes, I feel and look as gross as you would think. There are crumbs in my bra, stabbing me in the boobs. I could just take the damn thing off. Yeah. I think I will.

Ahh. Much better.

So that's my current report. Stephanie asked her readers, which is basically ME and whoever else reads without commenting - hey, you there! say hello today! I'm sick and it will cheer me! Please? - to list those we've gone through on the way to finding The One.

I can't do that.

I  really can't do that.

It would be an awfully long post, for one thing.

And much too telling. You think I tell all, don't you? But there is much I keep to myself. I think I will keep that information close to the vest.

You know what? We stil have some aquarium cupcakes! Usually, they are gone in a matter of hours. Which isn't to say that the children didn't love them. Maybe they loved them too much to eat them? Because they seriously oohed and ahhed over them. I think I have just been less "have whatever you want" than usual when I make them. Dunno.

You know what else? Typepad now  has an auto-saving feature. Which is good, for doofuses (doofi?) like me, who are constantly losing our posts.

So I'm going to sleep now, hopefully until morning. Tomorrow is a busy day.