Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
I Couldn't Possibly Have Said It Better

Big Show Tomorrow!

... And we are about ready to go! All that's left to do is sleep.

We did a lot of that today. Rob has The Sick now, too, which sucks. I really hate it when he's sick. Talk about useless. I'm not saying I'm Ms. Productivity - far from it - even when I'm healthy! But this is really not a good time for him to be sick. As for me, I feel like I have a situation brewing in the lungs. I sure hope not.

Leveler Anyway, I won a couple of things in the BG Carnival! This Wilton cake leveler, above, which is awesome timing right now, isn't it? I'm wanting everything Wilton right now. {Maybe I will take the cake-decorating class, S-S. Too bad you're too far away to take it together!}

I also won a set of Krazy Klik (or something??) pens, the Breast Cancer krew. I can't find them online - probably because I can't remember what they're called - so you'll just have to wait and see them when they arrive. But Sophia and I saw them twice while we were out today, and they were so cute!

The kids have once again (what else is new?) destroyed their bedrooms, so they were relegated to cleaning crew today. It's a constant cycle: Make a huge mess, spend forever cleaning, make a huge mess, spend forever cleaning it. I actually locked them in at one point, because they refused to clean. Ugh! If they would just work together as fast as they could, it would take less than an hour.  A half-hour, tops. but instead, they didn't bother cleaning at all, and were like this when I came home this evening:


Worn out and sleeping from what?! NOT cleaning!? Amazing.

But enough about that. Guess what they'll be spending the day doing tomorrow while we're at the craft show?

I had a ton to do today but didn't get moving until late afternoon. I decided to take Sophie with me, since she's the biggest skooch of them all and who knew whether Rob would even stay awake while I was gone? (He didn't.) Plus we haven't had just Mommy-Baby time in a while, and I missed all that good stuff from last year.

First we went to A.C. Moore. I had TWO, count 'em, TWO 50% coupons good for today only. Since I have to give a raffle prize for the door prize table tomorrow (yes, in addition to the huge table fee Dry), I decided to make a learn-to-knit basket. I found a nice, Christmassy basket (since this is a Christmas craft show) outside the store and snuck in to one cashier to use my first coupon. We snuck back out and put that in the car and then went in the other entrance so I could keep shopping. The coupons said only one per day, and though the lowly cashiers probably really don't care, I wasn't going to chance it! Laugh   I know I'm a dork.

First we went to look at all the Wilton cake stuff. Not because I needed to buy any; I just wanted to admire the goods.

Then we went to look at the tulle, so I could see what they had in stock. They had plenty, but I decided not to make any more tutus for tomorrow. I have what I have, and if they want something else, they can custom order.

Finally, we went back to the yarn section. I quickly found the "teach yourself to knit" package I was looking for, along with some Christmas-decorated Fiskars scissors, and three skeins of Homespun yarn in red, green and white. That should do it. I chose a big red bow and a red cellophane bag to wrap it all up in, and we checked out again. No problems using the coupon, although now I have three for next weekend to use! (Can you say "Wilton"?)

Okay, no one says I have to use them, and probably I won't, since we're going to use an austerity budget for the month of November.


Next stop was Michael's. Someone on Etsy wanted one of my fuzzy scarves, but in blue. We're going to trade: one of her necklaces for one of my scarves! Should be fun. I'll make that later. That's all we bought there.

Oh no, I'm mistaken. We actually bought the fuzzy yarn at A.C. Moore, since I saw they had what I needed. At Michael's, I was looking for a holiday-themed tablecloth or something with which to decorate my table for the show. They want it that way. I'm not going to spend a fortune just to decorate my table, and I couldn't find what I needed, so I ended up buying a box of red and green ornaments and will just put them around the table. Good enough for me.

I had to feed the child by that point, so we went next door to Panera. (I planned that well!) We had our usual, and she had to go potty three times during the visit. I find it hilarious when my child announces loudly in a public place, "I have to go POOP!" I wasn't the only person amused, either.

After dinner, we went to the post office to (finally) mail the bigger packages of the kids' portraits, along with my book giveaway and an eBay auction. I needed stamps, too. That was a $$$ trip to the P.O.!!!

I tried to get Sophie's hair cut after that, but we missed the Hair Cuttery's closing time by 15 minutes. Rats. She'd gotten numerous laughing comments about her little butchery job throughout our errands, and every time she turned her head a different way, I could see another long strand or two that I'd missed. She looks cute, but the hair itself is awful!

Our last stop was the grocery store. I had a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase! Sweet, right? I can easily spend that without thinking too hard. Some deli meat and cheese for Rob's lunch, sandwich crackers that Sophia picked out for herself and the sibs, bananas and dog food later, and we were there.

Can I just extoll the virtues of my youngest child once again? She is an amusing, charming, clever little girl.  She makes me laugh and brings joy to others with whom she comes into contact. At Michaels, she was singing the ABCs at the top of her lungs, and when she finished, a lady came up and high-fived her and praised her excellent singing. Everywhere we went, she asked people what their names were. They would giggle and tell her, and then of course ask her for her name. She would look to the side, then the other side, and say, "I'm Sophie, and I start with 'S' and I'm three! And this is my mommy, and she starts with 'M'!" I ♥ that. In ACM, she had Diego and Dora on the brain and kept putting her hand up to halt other people, shouting, "Stop, Bobos!!" They would just crack up, along with her mother. Ahhhh, she kills me. I really wish you all had the pleasure of spending time with her like this, as I do.

Chloë was very much the same way at that age. She's still a charmer in her own way, but it's the age. There is something a little extra about Sophie though, I think. Jack was really never that way, but at that time he was working through a whole lot of issues like learning to walk and talk and didn't have time to worry about entertaining folks!

I'm just hoping this last three-year-old of ours, who tickles me so deeply in my soul, will hold onto this imaginative, comic little quality for a long time to come. She's a joy. A true joy.

Well, onto the next thing, then. A little clean-up for Stim before we head to bed. Cheers!