So Much For A Cure
Back In The Saddle Again

Oh, Ma Darlin', Oh, Ma Darlin'...

Well, I finally zonked out around 0900 today, which sucks, because of course that's when I would have liked to be getting up. But thankfully, Rob was there to take care of everything and let me sleep until 1300 or so.

I  had to do my grocery shopping, but the truth is, I've been sick all week (again, or still, I can't decide) and am now totally worn down. So I dawdled at the computer until I was finally forced into the shower by a Brownie mom coming to pick up her candy order.

I started to head out to the store after that, but I quickly decided I just didn't have the energy to go by myself. So, for the first time in ages, I took the whole family with me, and we handled the Thanksgiving shopping together.

It didn't go fast, but it was nice just being together. Plus Rob got a chance to see why our grocery bill is so outrageous when it seems I'm hardly buying anything, anymore. Of course, Sophie wanted to grab everything and put it in the cart, and as usual, once things were in the cart, she would turn around and mess with it. I hate that. I like order. I put things exactly where I want them in the cart. It's another one of my silly systems. But I didn't get upset.

Instead, we danced to the music. They play good  muzak in our grocery, and when Sophie started bouncing along to it, I joined in. People were looking at us and laughing, but I think it was with us and not at us laughter. Either way, I don't care. We were having fun.

Also, whenever anyone would look at her, she'd wink and give them a thumbs-up. They would laugh and thumbs-up right back. She's such  a character!!

Rob had the other two kids in his cart, so I'm not too sure of their antics. I know Jack kept bugging for a Hot Wheels car, but noooo. Not today, son.


We bought a box of Clementines, and when we got home, the kids and I put away more than a dozen of them. They're so good, so juicy, so easy to peel. I love them.


The Non-Twins, cheeks full of pulpy goodness


Clementines bring back nice memories for me. Every year, my sister and I would visit my maternal grandparents in New Jersey for Christmas through New Year's. Grandma would get some "Clemmies," and we would all sit in the living room peeling and eating, more and more. They were always so good. I remember Grandpa loved them and was always asking us to fetch him a couple.

That was pretty much our dinner tonight, along with some chips and dip for Rob and me, and Smuckers Uncrustables (more about that in a later post) for the kiddos. I shouldn't have let them eat so many oranges, but I hate to stop them from eating fruit!

After dinner, we watched the AMAs awhile and I started on the next batch of cupcakes. The kids went to bed, and I sat down to crochet while they cooled. I ended up snoozing for a half hour or so and when I woke up, Jack was there.

So we cuddled on the couch for an hour, in the quiet stillness of the house, just him and me. I could sense him getting sleepy, so I sent him to his room and then got back to work on the cupcakes.


I still have to finish decorating the other 23; this is the first. Isn't it cute? A little fishy aquarium! I love it, and I think the kids will be so pleased.

Time to finish and then get some decent sleep. I'm ready.