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{Right now it's something like 207 Obama - 142 McCain... if I were a nailbiter, I'd past the quick right now!}

Blue for hoping Virginia turns into a blue state tonight!

I slept horribly last night. I just wanted to get up and vote! Plus I have this sore booboo tongue that keeps waking me up, it's so painful, but that's beside the point.

I knew the lines would be long in the morning, so I had no intention of getting to the polls before noon today. I told the kids, who had no school today, last night that they should sleep in late this morning.

They really didn't, and all four of us were up by 9:30 or so. It's actually later than I expected but not as late as I'd hoped. We had plenty of time to kill, so after breakfast, I rounded up the troops and headed upstairs to do four loads of laundry. Chloë helped me put things away as I folded, while the Non-Twins jumped on my bed. Thankfully they didn't konk heads this time and bruise an eye or two. I still have another good four loads to do still, since the kids have been dumping clothes both clean and dirty on their floors, and who knows what is what? I hate that.

Anyway, after I showered and we got dressed, it was time to go. I had a half-dozen things or more on my list to do, but my eyes were on the prize: voting! That was my first stop and the only one I really cared about, which was evident by the fact that we had to return home THREE times to get things I'd forgotten for my errands and still managed to forget one:

At least I grabbed my purse for whatever ID they'd decided I would need this year to vote. (My license worked.) We were in and out of there in ten minutes, and all went smoothly. Walking up to the big, white church, Chloë asked, "Is this the White House? Is the President here?" hee.

We had to go home to get the three packages of Etsy purchases I'd sold, to take to the P.O. for shipping. I also needed to buy a second book of stamps, for who knows what I did with the pack I just bought?!

{WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! It has just been reported that Obama carried the state of Virginia!! Woooooooooooooo!!!!!  I'm ecstatic!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I am clapping and cheering all by my lonesome! yes we did! yes we did! Yes we did! Yes we did!}

Then we had to go home to get the money I planned on taking to the bank, from this past weekend's craft show! I swear, I brought nothing  I needed with me! At the bank, we went through the drive-though, so I wouldn't have to bring the kids in. That took ages, because I had to transfer our Christmas account over, too, and forgot to bring that information with me! Der.

I'm so excited about Virginia, I can hardly concentrate on this post! President Obama!!

What now? So then we went to A.C. Moore so I could use my 50% Election Day coupon. Only I forgot it, too. But they had one in there for me, so I got a second 12-cupcake pan. Now I don't have to bake my batches in stages, yay.

After that, we drove back out to the hotel where the big show was, to deliver the tutu I made for an employee of the hotel. She bought it as we were packing up, but I didn't have the right size on hand! Oh, first, we had to drive home a third time and get it...

Back at home, we finally had lunch,


I just can't go on. Barack Obama has just been elected the 44th President of the United States of America!!!! And it's amazing. It's wonderful. It's awesome. I'm cheering, I'm clapping, I'm stomping my feet and I AM CRYING!!!!!!!!!!

What a great day for America.