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Photo Shoot

The only thing on our agenda today was the Dollar Tree photo shoot. Sophia slept late, so I slept all morning after getting the big kids off to school, until Jack came home. It was a fitful sleep, though. Lately I can't just fall asleep and stay asleep for one big stretch.

Oh, and now I remember, I was up past 0500, watching TV and crocheting dish cloths. No particular reason, other than I was wide awake from having some sips off Rob's Coke. Dummy.

After Jack came home and everyone's belly was filled, we made our way upstairs to get ready. I had to shower, of course, and get the little ones dressed. Then I had to rush like a madwoman, tearing through Chloë's drawers and the laundry to get her wardrobe together for the shoot. They wanted lots of choices, the more the better, in pinks, reds, khaki, tan, brown, and black! The ad is for Valentine's Day, so I made sure not to bring all the red and pink stuff with Christmas icons on them.

Finally, I had a big bag stuffed full of clothes. I grabbed everything we needed, the kids, and off we went to get Curly Girl from school.

I'm glad I had requested that she be out front and ready to go at 1415. I showed up at 10 after and waited another 10 minutes for her to come up. Gah! But I had built in plenty of extra time, so it was all good. Especially since we got lost a little bit once we got downtown, and I drove onto the college campus by accident. In a place where cars aren't supposed to go. Oopsie.

The shoot went well. Chloë and another girl, B, were the models, sitting at a table and coloring and playing with flash cards and stuff. Their biggest issue was getting the angle right, to show both the models' faces and the Dollar Tree stuff on the table. B was older than Chloë, but Chlo took direction better and IMO behaved more professionally on the set. She stayed put when she wasn't told she could have a break instead of stomping off every five minutes for a drink. Not that B was a brat, but she wouldn't stay still and wait between shots.

Jack and Sophie behaved well, too. Thanks, in large part, to the giant jar of pretzel sticks someone had brought along to the set. They ate lots of those and were kept quite content by them.

The drive home was long and arduous. The traffic in downtown Norfolk was thick and impenetrable, no matter which side streets I tried to duck down to avoid the snarling mess. Finally, we were able to break out onto the interstate, and the flow wasn't too bad. Except I was having major touch-and-goes and nearly rear-ended the car in front of me when it stopped and I didn't. I "came to" at just the right moment to hit the breaks. Thank God for car seats.

Once home, it was all I could do to make it inside, rather than just falling asleep right behind the steering wheel and making the kids sit out in the cold with me. It was a struggle, but I made it. If I have to go buy iron at the drug store and take multiple dosages, I guess I will, because I obviously need it. Soon as I can get to it...

Rob woke me up when he came home, but I don't remember. Eventually I woke up again on my own, and we went to Cici's Pizza for the school's cashola (fundraiser) night. We were definitely the stragglers, but there were still some people from school to recognize and welcome us. It's our first cashola of the year, and the kids were dying to go, so we did.

I dozed off again when we got home, when I was supposed to be crocheting dishcloths! Oh, well. Think I'll just take my meds and go down for good. Hopefully tomorrow will be more wakeful for me.