Feeling Cranky
So Much For A Cure

Some Rare Brevity


  • Rob stood watch, 0600-1800
  • The kids and I slept in 'til 0930, yay

  • We had cupcakes for breakfast and applesauce (2 jars!) for lunch because I need to do some serious grocery shopping tomorrow

  • I was in full-on cleaning mode today and, with the kids' help, cleaned the living room, the office, and the foyer. It took half the day and was totally worth it. To me.

  • Rob made hash browns and mac & cheese for dinner. Told ya I needed to shop

  • I burned my first Yankee Candle tart of the season, but it was "Clean Linen" or something or other scent, nothing Fall-y

  • With help from friends, found a replacement for Jack's old lovey, "Doggy" on eBay!!! Definitely the highlight of the day; maybe the year, for him!

  • Cut a trillion coupons, filed them all in my coupon box, made our Thanksgiving dinner menu, did a grocery list, and am finally ready to shop tomorrow

  • Had free 6 oz Jr. Frosties from Wendy's tonight - they were laughably minuscule but still brainfreeze-inducing!

  • Off to go crochet and watch the rest of What Happens in Vegas with Rob