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Wordless Wednesday: Yes, We Did!

WFMW: Toys Worth Buying


In keeping with this week's theme of toys worth buying, here's my list:

  1. A Play Kitchen and Play Food - my kids are constantly cooking up new concoctions and feeding them to us. It keeps all of them entertained for hours on end. And we don't even have a very nice one! Definitely something every kid should have.
  2. A Dress-Up Box: Another essential! Great finds can be had in grandma's closet or at the thrift store, for a cheap way to build things up. I was also told to buy costumes on November 1, but I forgot to get out there and look around for stuff. My children love to dress up, especially the youngest! (By the way, if you're looking for more dress up stuff, what about a tutu? I make very nice ones for less than most! ;) And of course the little girls wear them constantly!)
  3. Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Zebra: for the toddler-preschool set. When we get it down from it's little hidey spot on the fireplace and put it in the middle of the room, the two little ones go to town on it all day long! It's fun and durable, and they love it.

  4. Cars: any kind of cars, or planes, or trains or trucks or whatever with wheels. For the boy set. My kid goes nuts for cars.When he goes someplace new, he has a sixth sense for where they can be found. It's uncanny.

  5. Webkinz:  just as much fun for Mom as for the kids! It's supposedly for the 6+ crowd, and I agree with that, although the little ones enjoy collecting the plushies and watching as we play the computer component as well. We have about 45 of them and are still going strong!

  6. Digital Camera:  My kids love to take pictures. Bad pictures. Film-wasting pictures, if we had that kind of camera. Last year (two years ago?) we gave our oldest a Fisher-Price Kid-Tough camera, and she LOVED it. She was forever using it, until we lost the uploading cord. But it was pretty crappy, picture-wise. This year, we're giving her a real camera for better shots... and don't plan to lose the cord.

  7. Books: Not really a toy, but always worth buying!

  8. Crayola products: My kids could go nuts in the Crayola aisle! Everything is so fun, and they keep coming out with great new stuff. We love to create for creatin's sake here, and Crayola is good quality stuff for kids.

Eh, that's all I can think of off the top of my head, but it's a good start! What are your kid's favorite toys?