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Works For Me Wednesday: Etsy!


It's no secret for regular readers of my blog that I have an Etsy shop. Do you know Etsy? (I always think "Betsy without a 'B'.") is the place to go for all things handmade! From classic artwork to knitted and crocheted items (me) to greeting cards (hopefully me in the future!) to tutus (me again! hi!) to pins and hair accessories to jewelry (oh, the jewelry that can be found on there!)and beyond anything you can think of, Etsy is the place! It's the online marketplace for buying handmade goodness.

As for my shop, I'm doing modestly well but am supplementing right now with local craft shows. Every time an Etsy sale comes through on my email, though, I'm jump-up-and-down excited! It's really wonderful, between sales and feedback, to have something you have created from your own two hands be so appreciated by others.

So whether you're looking to make a buck from your own creativity (you can also sell craft supplies and vintage items on there) or shop for the holidays and special occasions without spending money on what I call "cheap plastic crap from China," consider Etsy. I promise it's worth the look.