Wordless Wednesday: Yes, We Did!

Would You Rather Meme

1. Would You Rather: Cheat on your spouse and have nobody know or not cheat and have everyone think you did?
Would Rob think I did? Is he part of "everyone"? Hmm. Nah, not cheat and have everyone think I did - eventually he would believe me.

2. Would You Rather: have quadruplets or have 4 babies, all 10 months apart?
Quadruplets for sure, although having carried TWO, I can't imagine fitting FOUR in there

3. Would You Rather: lose and arm or a leg?
An arm, I'd hate to lose the ability to walk 'normally.'

4. Would You Rather: Be the tallest women alive or the shortest women alive?
Shortest. Tall women scare me. And it's easier to find a mate being a short woman, IMO.

5. Would you rather: Live without music or live without T.V.?
Live without TV. What would I listen to in the car?? Never sing again? Noo!

6. Would you rather: Have an infected ingrown toenail or have your wisdom teeth pulled?
Either one, I've had both. Not the end of the world.

7. Would You Rather: Develop the worst case of acne ever on record or have your spouse suffer with it?
I'd rather have Rob have it! Ever since my hysterectomy, my skin has been freaky and it's so depressing. :(

8. Would You Rather: Always lose or never play?
Always Lose. I think by never playing, you're a bigger loser than if you keep trying and trying.

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