Christmas Begins

A Little Off The Top


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Today, I finished the hat to match the Matinee Coat. Isn't she lovely? I just adore this set.  I barely used any of a 3rd ball of yarn, so I still have 3 balls left of the Rowan Tapestry, in case I decide to make booties and/or a blanket. WDYT? Leave it as-is, or make more? As usual, I am already on to the next thing(s), so... it would be a step back!

Another bad migraine today, and it turns out I have used up all of Rob's vikes, so I was SOL for the morning. Not a great start, but by the time he finally went out and came back with some Rapid Release Tylenol, my head was fine. I think it's the way I'm sleeping lately? Whatever the cause, they are brutal, and I can feel the pain all the way down my neck and into my armpits! Very strange.

The kids and we watched The Incredibles and Cars on the family channel tonight. At some point, we parents dozed off, but they sat there with rapt attention. They did manage to decimate the living room with toys and dress-up clothes, though. Doesn't seem to take much for three children to kill a clean room!

Rob again worked on fixing our master shower today... don't think I ever mentioned that the last time he "fixed" it, it wasn't, really. Nor is he happy with it today. I WISH he would just call in the pros already - I've been waiting since at least September, if not August!

I guess that's about it. Slow day!