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Wordless Wednesday: My Little Fishy

Been Reading Webster Again

So it's pellucid that I've been feeling rather saturnine lately. Even my vespertine nature has been unusually subdued; rather than being crepuscular, I just want to doze off...

Okay, that's enough of that.

Monday highlights:

  • I was in a pouty funk all day. I feel worthless and useless and gross  because of being so fat. I sobbed a little. I need help. I need this surgery. I need it now.
  • Bunco lady I can't stand showed up unannounced at my door with more food from her job. I didn't answer the door, but she waited outside for, like, 10 minutes! Who does that? Finally I sent Chloë to answer it (knowing it was her because C peeked out the window) and get the food from her. She promised to call first next time. I assured her that would be mightily helpful.

  • Jack told me he had to go potty. I said, "Go potty then, son!" He shouted back, "I AM NOT A SON! SUNS ARE YELLOW!" Hehe.

I started working on Elizabeth Zimmermann's February Baby Sweater. Aack. It's actually providing quite a challenge for my puny brain. I've done her Baby Surprise Jacket multiple times now, so I thought I was up for it, but I'm having serious issues. I don't know who will benefit from the results at this point, but I've said a lot of four-letter-words over it and ripped it out once. I'd show you the current progress, but it looks like a whole lot of nothing right now. I am using the same purple Rowan Tapestry yarn as the last baby sweater; it will, at least, be nice because of that.
  • Yesterday, Rob rented the movie Elephant Tales for the children to watch today, from the free code. We watched it today. It made Chloë sob and sob, poor sensitive creature. It also made the children act like wild animals and tear up the house. It was quite the scene when Rob came home... but we have since picked up. Sort of.

  • The SmartCycle remains the popular toy of the day. It's really quite a cool thing. I'm so glad we bought it. I can't recommend it highly enough.

  • Rob returned that movie and rented Hancock for us with today's free code. I've put our Netflix account on hold; we'll just have to deal with that for awhile until things get back on track! I also called Barbara and cut her down to once a month, and if that's still not enough, I'll just suck it up and eliminate that expense entirely. "Suck" being the operative word, here. Anyway, Hancock: it's funny. I recommend it.

  • Our new, matching (finally!) personalized stockings arrived already from an online order I just placed Friday! What awesome service. They look great; I can not wait to hang them next year! The only downside was that Sophia was disappointed hers had a bear and not an angel like Chloë's and Mama's. She'll have to live with it, though!

    Well, back to trudge through my knitting and finish watching the movie. Here's hoping tomorrow is a more cheerful day.


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