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Well, Chloë had a busy day, anyway. The rest of us, not so much. We mostly sat around doing nothing. Rob played with his computer, I chatted online a bunch and did a little knitting, the kids played on Sophie's SmartCycle and did their own things... but ChloBo was a busy little dickens.

First, she got Daddy to play her "Guess Who?" game from Grandpa. It took a looong time to set up, and then they played many games. It sounded like fun. They did that for at least two hours!

Then she worked on her script for the movie. She studied it up in her room for a while, and then she worked downstairs on it with both me and Rob. He's not entirely happy with it being her first acting role, because there's no back-and-forth dialog, it's mostly a monologue, but it is what it is, and I know in time she'll do great.

After a while, she was busting out of her skin to do some fingerpainting, so I set her up and let her go to town on that. Cute video of that here. Jack even pulled himself away from the 'Cycle for a little while to join in. He colored three pages in about three seconds flat and then went back to the bike!

She also colored in the coloring books, did a little with her magic water pad thingy from her stocking, ate some of those horrible Christmas cookies, rode the 'Cycle a bunch, and just generally bipped and bopped around the house, a happy girl.

Loved it!