Feelin' Kinda Quiet
For DesignHER Momma


I know there haven't been a lot of crafty posts or fun activities with the kids or much like that lately, but that's because I'm spending every free moment either catching up on missed sleep or crocheting those bloody dishcloths. 38 down, 12 to go!

Anyway, one recent sleepless night, I finally figured something out that's been plaguing me for months now: Getting pictures from my phone to the computer! It turns out to be stupidly simple to do, and I don't know why I didn't figure it out sooner. Since I have absolutely nothing else of import to share with you today, I thought I'd show a few of the pictures from the phone since I got it this past Spring.


Bouncy-bounce, when we first brought him home.

Phone- Sophie baby 

At the Naval base clinic, Sophia holding and admiring another patient's little baby

Phone-Jack bed 

Jacky, passed out on Mom & Dad's bed


Weaving at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival


Examining a ewe at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Phone-Sophie tush 

Sophie's reply when I asked her to help me clean up her room!

Phone - Chlo Recital 

Chloë receiving flowers from her father after her dance recital in downtown Norfolk

Phone-Sophie TRU 

Sophie in Toys 'R Us, helping Jack test-drive some Power Wheels

Phone-Chlo in LA 

Chloë after her commercial audition in LA, waiting for our ride back to LAX

Phone- LAX 

Chloë relaxing after a long day of traveling, at the gate at LAX