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Feelin' Kinda Quiet

I'm suffering. I have GERD (reflux disease) and am out of my acid medication. It's either get the meds  or put gas in the car right now, and of course Rob needs to get to work, so... meds can wait. Because of that, I'm feeling kind of low tonight. It burns.

So, I'll just put up some pictures of the girls' final night of open house at the dance studio and then get back to my crocheting. Speaking of which, did I mention that I can't find the lady's phone number and I can't remember her name? Yeah. That sucks. I have 35 dish cloths done for her - 15 to go - and now I just have to hope against hope that she contacts me asking for them.


Sophia's Creative Movement class. I don't know whether that little boy is just someone's sibling or if he's always in the class...


Sophia moving like an animal: spider!


Moving like an animal: Bee - and chasing Miss Jessica!


Playing "Where is Thumbkin?"


Singing the "Hokey Pokey" song at the top of her lungs


Playing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes"


Waiting for her sticker at the end of class - they aren't allowed to look at them until everyone gets one.


Chloë doing her stretching combination at the beginning of Jazz class with Miss Darlene, the studio's owner.


More stretching. I'm even more impressed with the classes after today's open house. The girls' teachers are really great this year and get a lot out of their kids. I'm excited Chloë finally has Miss Darlene for a teacher, because I knew she would push Chloë to work harder, pay more attention, and test her limits. And she's doing really great in Jazz class. I'm very satisfied.

There are some must-see adorable videos of dance class here.

Until tomorrow...