Not Gonna Do It
Happy 2009!

It Just Occurred To Me...

... that so what if I never design an original item? You know how I've been dogging on myself lately about my crafting and stuff, and how I always use other peoples' designs instead of making up my own?

Well, so what! It's still all to the good.

I'm making things by hand, for goodness sake. I'm making fabric! I can make anything with a piece of string and two sticks! I can make a pair of socks, or jammies, or a sweater or hat or blanket or gloves or, well, anything I set my mind to, and I can do it my way! In my colors, with my choice of fiber, at my own speed and whim.

And by doing so, and passing it on (however that may be), I'm carrying on an age-old tradition of making things by hand instead of just going out and buying something shiny and new and premade.

And that is a good thing.