Wordless Wednesday: Pharoah Sophia
Merry Christmas!


This day was busy, but in a different, less crafty way than yesterday. Well, for the kids, that is. Barbara is coming to clean tomorrow for the first time in a month, so a lot of their time was spent preparing for that.

They woke up much earlier than I thought necessary - 0800 - but it didn't matter, as I hadn't slept well and was ready to go. They never even changed out of their jammies until after naptime; until then, we were busy snacking here and there, watching TV while I knitted, and playing.

Then, stealing a tip, of sorts, from my mommy message board, I told them that Santa wouldn't be able to come if we didn't get the living room cleaned up. Well! That set them in motion. Before I knew it, the room was clean, and their reward was going upstairs to take a nap. Lucky them. That's one good thing about early wake-up: early nap!

I don't think any of them really napped, but it's good to all get a break from each other during the day, anyway.

And I watched that stupid movie, Stepbrothers, and knitted away some more.


This UFO (I'm not going to identify it right now, but for the knitterly among us, that's the abbreviation for "unfinished object") is a bit outside my comfort zone, but it's coming along okay. The main problem is that there are an awful lot of worsted and chunky weight stitches squeezed onto size 7 DPNs (double-pointed needles), and they keep falling off. It's driving me nuts to keep scooping them back on and, often, having to redo them. I keep telling myself I'm going to switch to circs, but as the pattern calls for DPNs, and I'm a stickler, I haven't. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

Also, this is my first time doing short rows with wrap. AKA just Short Rows, I do think. Other than the slip-slidey DPNs, it's not too difficult, and I rather like how they turned out.

More details: The red is 100% wool, just purchased from Michael's. Patons brand, maybe? I forget. The white and blue are llama, and the gray (and upcoming purple) are yak!!!! How cool is that? They are the Karabella-brand yarns I also purchased from The Yarn Co. in NYC with Stephanie. I've been wanting to use them for ages now and finally found just the right project. I don't believe my LYSs (local yarn stores; see, you're learning all the knitterly lingo tonight!) carry llama or yak, so I was excited to buy it when I found i thtere. Steph helped me pick out the colors.

They are very warm, and the llama, especially, is extremely thick and cozy. I really like the texture of the gray yak, though. Not sure yet about the purple, and we fiber artists all know that not all colors of the same yarn have the same "hand"!

Anyway, anyhow.

After the movie ended, I called everyone to come downstairs and get ready to go. There's no dance class tomorrow, but I called owner Darlene last night, and she told me Sophie could come today and join the pre-ballet class at 1600. Chloë's regular ballet class would be at 1630, and there just won't be a make-up jazz class. All of the classes this week have several different levels and classes all mixed in, anyway, because of all the holiday absentees. Sophie didn't seem nervous at all about dancing in a non-regular class; I was a bit concerned, but she went right in.

She bounced out afterward, delighted with her class and with the candy cane Miss Jessica had given her.  I asked her what she did in class, and her standard answer "Um, I boogied," was changed to, "Um, I danced." Rats, I love it when she tells me she boogied, because how stinking cute is that? She quickly gobbled down her candy cane and then sat on my lap in the van, bouncing away and being sweet and adorable, while Jack napped and snored in the back.

When Chloë finished, we headed home, and I sent them upstairs to clean their rooms for Barbara. Only, I borrowed another "tip," telling them that Santa wouldn't bring new toys if he thought they couldn't take care of the ones they already had!

That time, the plan backfired. They were up there for, like, three hours and did nothing. NOTHING. Rob finally went upstairs and kicked them into high gear. Meanwhile, I sat downstairs for a loooong time and folded five baskets of laundry. It was piled up high all around me on the couch. And I'm still not even caught up yet. It. Never. Freaking. Ends.

I was going to go and watch a movie and do some more knitting, but I suddenly feel like crashing. Pretty sure Rob is out, too.

Until tomorrow, my friends. Christmas Eve! Woot!