Our Christmas, Part II
A Fish Out Of Water

Our Christmas, Part III

Actually, this is starting to get kind of old for me, so I'm going to rush through it as fast as I can and then get on to other stuff! Hee!

So, Friday was the day after Christmas, and Rob was again home from work. Rock on!  The kids were up early again, playing with all their new toys and having a grand old time. None of the magic had (has) worn off yet, and they are still visiting all their new goodies, visiting each of them in their own time.

At some point during the day, I went grocery shopping to pick up a few essentials, since I had a $5-off-$50 coupon to Farm Fresh to use up before the end of the year. Unfortunately, fifty bucks spends way too easily at the grocery store, so I didn't have much trouble coming up with a short list.

What I did have trouble with was the actual shopping. Moving. Walking. I had barely gotten to the produce department when my back completely seized up, and I was in absolute, terrible agony. It was awful; I wanted to fall down sobbing. But I soldiered on, creeping in a most undignified manner around the store, collecting my milk, cat litter, what-have-you. By the time I reached the register, I wanted to die.

Regardless of whether I get my surgery approved, I must, must do something about this situation. Honestly, I can't think why I haven't made more calls, seen more doctors about it already. It's pretty ridiculous that I've let things get this bad.

So, I made my way gingerly out to the van, unloaded the goods in a world of pain, and sank with relief into my driver's seat. Sigh. You'd think I was 95 years old.

Rob carried everything in and put it all away, while I sat and scanned things. Nothing unusual about that, though; that's the way we always do it. But I'm already thinking ahead to the next big trip. He'll have to come with me. I'll have to ride the cart. I just can't do it anymore. I don't know... this sucks.

But onto merrier subjects.

I'd forgotten a couple boxes with items from MIL for the kids, and a gigantic box arrived with presents, so we had another little Christmas when the little ones emerged from their naps.


Sophia got a baby doll from my dad, which she quickly named, "Coocoo, because she's a baby." Figure that one out, if you will. My dad kind of went a little overboard this year, which made both Rob and me sad, since he can ill afford to do so. I haven't spoken to him yet about it, but... I don't know, it's like he feels he has to compete, and he doesn't. More than anything else, Chloë kept asking for all her grandparents to come visit for Christmas, because that's what they want. It really hit home this year for me, how it affects them not to live near extended family like "normal"  (ie, non-military) folks do. But this was supposed to be about Coocoo...! Sophie's absolutely enamored of her new baby, carrying her everywhere and constantly feeding her. Coocoo giggles and, well, coos (aha!) when her chest is pressed, which explains the above picture. No, it's not CPR.


The look on this child's face amuses me greatly. Have you watched Home Improvement, with Tim Allen? Then you know the "har har har" power tools face and voice? That, to me, explains this expression on Jack, as his father opened the new tow truck from Grandpa Bob.


Chloë was given Heidi, and a puzzle book. She has dived right into Heidi and is reading away. I'm glad; it's a classic!


Sophie being silly, wearing the doll box on her head. She can turn anything into dress-up! It reminds me of a video Rob and I made of her about two years ago, when she wore a bag on her head for about an hour. It was hilarious; I'll have to find it sometime and post it.

The kids were each given some crayons and a coloring book by my dad, who also gave Jack a remote-control car, Sophia a dress-up outfit, and Chloë some special markers and a game. 

Next, I pulled out the goods from Grandma, one by one, and made the kids close their eyes or turn around so I could surprise them.


First, each received a tie-dyed t-shirt. They quickly tried them on and gathered together for a group shot. Looking cute! The girls squabbled over the pink one but were hushed when I told them they could both wear them and trade clothes; they're now about the same size clothes-wise and do this at times, anyway.


Next was the box of fingerpaints. Oh, boy. They asked me repeatedly today to let them fingerpaint, but I wasn't up for it just yet. I think tomorrow will be the day!


Finally came the hats! Grandma sent a fire hat, a police hat and a cowboy hat. How much fun is that?! I can't believe I forgot about the hats; I just knew how much they would enjoy them, too. And it's true, they traded hats all night and the next day, too.


Even Daddy and I wore the hats for a spell!


Sophie being a ham

So that's our Christmas 2008!  I hope you enjoyed yours with your loved ones, too. Ours was brilliant!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.