No Idea Why...
Wordless Wednesday: Past Loves

Today, Tuesday, Dear Friends

It has been quite a day. And I am in a mood.

A good mood. A silly mood. Now, that is. It hasn't always been thus.

Preggo me 

Jack found this picture of me this morning. I was pregnant with him and Robby, circa Jan or Feb of 2003, in Guam. On Guam. Whatever. Rob, Chloë and I were visiting the beach at Tumon Bay on the west coast of the island, before moving back here to Virginia. Wasn't I cute? Tell me I was cute. Even with icky short hair.

Anyway. Much of the day was uneventful. I had more energy and didn't nap at all, so the iron is building up again, which is good. Of course. And guess what? The Christmas cards came in the mail - the ones I'd JUST ordered the day before! That's fast. So I spent a few hours addressing all the envelopes and doing that job, while the kids played in the living room below.

And RIGHT while I was watching, Jack picked up the anti-fungal cream (for his FOOT, people) that Rob left on the side table, and started smearing it all in Sophia's hair. I glanced up and was like, "What?! What NOW?!" It's always something with these two. Yesterday, they dumped a whole carton of salt in the kitchen. Today, fungal cream in the hair. And Jack had some in his, too. It was all over his hands. And, as is his M.O., he proceeded to give me the deer-in-the-headlights look while saying, "I didn't do it!"

Whatever, kid. The jig is up.

So we got that partially washed out, and I went back to my cards until the last possible minute before I had to get in the shower to go to Dance Class Open House Day Two.

Oh, and did I mention Chloë had another accident at school today? She had one, like, last week. Told me she was afraid to tell the teacher she had to go to the bathroom. She peed on her new winter coat and everything. I emailed the teacher, told her she MUST be allowed to go as soon as she felt the need because she has the smallest bladder on the planet, yadda yadda. Then she came home today and we talked about it. Turns out she was the bathroom monitor each time it happened and thought that meant she wasn't allowed to go, herself. Oops! But I'm glad we got it straight for her.

Anyway, dance class.

Tonight was ballet, taught by Miss Sally. (Ride, Sally Ride.)

Rob didn't show. He didn't get home from work until after we did. But she wasn't disappointed at all. She was cool with it. In her words: "He came yesterday, so that's fine." I hope he's able to make it earlier for Sophia's class tomorrow, though. She would love it. Loves her papa!


Miss Sally opens the class. There ended up being 8 of them total; a few were late. That girl next to Chloë is just as dippy as can be. She drives me nuts; I can tell Chloë can't stand her, either. The girl you see leaning back on her haunches? Totally natural ballerina. Effortless, for her.


Lined up at the barre for exercises. I'm pretty impressed with this class, Miss Sally, and Music in Motion in general after this. I mean, I always was, or we wouldn't be spending the money month after month, year after year, to send her there. But the girls know so much ballet terminology already, and there are things I know I never knew in all my years of dance (yeah, believe it or not, I used to be a dancer. A damn good one, too). They are learning the French words and the literal translations for each term, each move. The studio prides itself on giving an authentic dance education, and they are doing it. It's not "just for fun" which, at 3 and 7, you might expect it to be, or for me to want it to be. But it's not, and I don't. Not that it's not fun; if they didn't enjoy it, we certainly wouldn't go!


Chloë performing a rather nice grand plié.


Stretching exercises. If she were as flexible as her sister, those knees would be kissing the floor like they should be! I learned she is much more taut than I thought, tonight.


Sophia's spiky hair, from the anti-fungal cream. It kinda looked cool, actually. Maybe I'll do it again tomorrow! har.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

After we returned home, got the mail, and settled in - with Daddy home to fix dinner for the kids, I ran to the store for a bunch of needed supplies. Why stupid? Yesterday, when we went to Panera, we ordered our food and then realized neither of us had the debit card with us. No money! We had to leave, go home, and drive to the one closer to us. It was aggravating, and it made all the kids cry about leaving.

Tonight, I balanced the checkbook, and then went to the store. Only, I didn't put the checkbook back in my purse! For the second night in a row, I had all my order, and no money to pay for it. Aggravating!

What's more, I walked out with the cards and stamps I'd not quite yet purchased, in my purse, totally stealing them! I mean, I went home right away and came back and paid, but it was stealing in the meantime! And then I had to wait in the long-ass line, because the cashier didn't transfer my order over to the office, to check out again. My fault, I guess, but she should have done that much to save me all that time.

Well, whatever, I got my stuff. And I did save 12% off my order with coupons, so there's that.

After getting home, scanning everything and putting it away, I jumped online to check email and to sit here and finish stamping my Christmas cards. Lo and behold, I got a Facebook email from an old, old friend of mine who I'd been looking for for years! She moved away in 8th grade, and we lost touch, but here she was, finding me! I was beyond excited, and so was she!

We chatted online for hours and hours tonight, catching up, laughing, relieving old times. It was really great. Put me in the best mood. And now everyone's gone to bed and I've no one to share it with! Ah, well. I should probably sleep, too.

But I have more to post! Stay tuned.