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WFMW: GoodSearch



We happen to have a charity, my husband and I, called CARE Package, Inc. It's a very small nonprofit dedicated to helping bereaved parents by giving them layettes for their angel babies, among other things. Our budget is minuscule - at times, nonexistant - but we get a little bit of help each December from GoodSearch.

GoodSearch is a search engine, powered by Yahoo!, that pays a penny or more to the charity of your choice for each search done on its site. You just go to the site - or better yet, you can make it your homepage or download the toolbar insert available right there on its front page - type in your charity, and then start searching!

And the charity really does get paid! I get my check, like clockwork, every December.

Now, there is also GoodShop! Simply go to the main GoodSearch page and at the bottom, you'll find the GoodShop information. Like lots of other rewards programs on the 'net, there are kickbacks available from shopping online, only this time they go to your preferred charity.

Isn't that a great, easy, free way to help charities all year long? I hope that you will consider using only GoodSearch from now on, and maybe even putting CARE Package of Virginia Beach, VA, in as your charity!

It would me a great deal to me.  Thanks!