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Wordless Wednesday: Past Loves

Okay, normally I hate it when people type explanations for their, you know, wordless entries, but I felt this necessitated a little 'splainin'. When Stephanie challenged her readers last week to list everyone we'd gone through on our way to finding THE ONE (aka Rob), I balked. But, I've managed to gather up a few of the offenders (a very few, I assure you), and here they are in no particular order of importance. Mind you, I have more pictures of me with some of my men, but that would require pulling multiple albums off shelves, scanning pictures, and all of that crap. I'm not in the mood. So, without further ado, I give you:

Ben peterson (2)

  CAP (2) 

  Chris Meitin (2) 

  Clayton Roach   Derrick   Luisito Capo (2) 

  Victor Pareja (2) 

Oh, those were the days.