Don't Have A Cowl
No Wonder He Got Dirty Looks


  Not a very exciting day in Chez Odette. At least for me. I went nowhere, saw no one, did nothing. Much.

No appointments for me today. And Rob drove the girls to their dance classes, while Jack napped nearly the entire time, so I had *gasp* free time!

I spent that couple of hours typing up first a log of information for Julie when she comes to help out with the kids while I'm in the hospital, and then a super-secret file of all our financial information for Rob, in case anything happens to me.

So now I'm ready. So ready.

Well, except for one eensy teensy little thing: I might not get to have surgery on Monday.


Yeah. That's what I said. Julie is coming up, Shana is coming down, Rob has this time off - it has to be NOW!

But apparently the anesthesiologists are stressing because I told the pre-op nurse that I had a heart murmur (which hasn't been detected in my adulthood, that I can remember) and occasional palpitations (really kind of a lot lately, but I didn't say that...).  I mean, I know it's my heart and all and I don't want to mess around with that, but things really are fine and all.

So Dr. Clark reviewed my EKG, which was perfectly fine and normal and didn't even reflect the right ventricular delay that was detected on my three prior EKGs, and is going to talk to the anesthesiologists on the morrow. Hopefully their discussion will resolve the issue and things will be a go, so if you could keep good thoughts for me, I'd really appreciate it.

And they do work, you know. Those of you who helped me pray for Vanna might like to know that the "check engine" light went off Monday and hasn't been seen since.

What else did I do? Let's see...



I helped Jack with his homework. He had to practice writing all the letters above. Didn't he do such a beautiful job? For someone who is getting occupational therapy for fine motor, I think he did excellent work here! I was holding him on my lap while he printed each letter, and I exclaimed after each nice one, gently correcting him when one was backward or something. He was so thrilled, but nowhere near as I was. He made me proud.

He was on a roll, so I decided to break out the sight words, which you'd think were physically painful for him, he kvetches so. But other than "at" and "the," he read them all without my prompting! Eventually he was able to read "at" when that card flashed up, but we're still struggling with "the." I went back to it over and over, but it's just not connecting. We'll just have to keep at it. So, go Jacky!!!


Then I switched out the buttons on the Philly Cowl. They just weren't working for me. They style was wrong, the color was off, and they were too small. I'm loving these silver ones instead; they really make it more modern-looking and just nicer. I'm wearing it right now; it feels so nice around the neck! I still don't know what I'm going to do with it, though! If you'd like it, step right up!


Please tell me these are better. I really don't want to sew them on a third time!


Finally, I received a custom order for another tutu on Etsy (yay!), so I made that up tonight. It's been a while since I had a sale, so I was only to pleased to whip one up for her.

Off to cast on for another project.