WFMW: Matching Socks

Don't Have A Cowl

It's finished! I did the edging on the cowl this afternoon and let Rob choose the buttons. I'm not sure about them, so let me know what you think.

The official color of this Malabrigo Pure Merino Worsted Wool is "Emerald," but to me it looks more like a deep sea blue-green than emerald. Like the color of these words.


Here it is blocking on the ironing board. I steam-blocked, added a little water, and ironed over it with a towel on top. Still not sure I'm satisfied, but it's much better now.


Close-up of the buttons The Bob chose. Tell me what you think: yay or nay? They are gold-rimmed with ivory enamel in the center.


The finished product. It was a fun and interesting project to knit, and super fast. I learned a new trick or two, which is my aim this year with each project I make. And I just adore seed stitch, so that was an added bonus.



I have Miss Chloë modeling the cowl for you, so I could take the picture, and I didn't figure you wanted Rob to wear it! The color is off; it's truer in the first three pictures. There are three buttons, and I left the bottom one undone.

There you have it! It's the Philly Cowl, for you Ravelers out there.