Way Out OF it

The Burrito Has Landed


It's not the greatest art photo in the world, I know, but after a long wait, we just wanted to get the show on the road! We bought this on our European cruise, which ended 7 July, so we have anxiously awaited its arrival for the past 6½ months.

It is Deep Night Romance by Romero Britto, though to me it will always be "The Burrito." Go have a look, and a listen. I don't feel like doing much right now, but the music makes me want to get up and boogie. Maybe you will; I'll just sit here and sip my sugar-free-apple-thinned low-fat-oatmeal lunch and watch.

I like it. No, I love it. We love. It symbolizes so much for us, words that don't come right now. (Sorry for the typing, I still can't see straight.)

I'm happy it finally arrived!