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WFMW: Matching Socks



I have a system for everything, even matching socks.  Well, my kids' socks. Rob doesn't like his socks paired up, so I made him a white-sock drawer and a colored-sock drawer (he has a lot of both) and just throw them in for him to match them himself.

I don't wear socks. It's a very rare day when I put on a pair.

But my kids have oodles of them, and they take them off, willy-nilly, wherever they happen to be in the house. So of course, one is forever getting lost before they even hit the washing machine, and I am stuck with tons of matchless singletons.

What to do?

I have a box for those unmatched socks. An empty Pampers wipe box serves for now, although I could stand to go up in size. Everyone in the house knows it as the "sock box." All socks go into the box as I am folding laundry (although there are so many, they usually overflow and make a nice mound, but ykwim). After the rest of the clothes are sorted and put away, I tackle the socks.

I match up all the socks I can, and the rest without matches remain in the Sock Box until that one wonderful day when its mate finally shows up again. Voila! No more loose socks roaming around the house.

Works for me!