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That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles

At Last, Some Knitting Content

So today was no different than the past two days, in that I was virtually useless and feeling devoid of energy and motivation. Oh, well. That week is over, essentially, and a new one will begin. I'll just try again to be more, do more.

The last time I weighed myself, I was down 33 pounds. Just sharin'.

Tomorrow morning, Rob will go in for his motorcycle road test. I'm hoping like hell he passes, because I want my damn van back. Have I told you about that? I think I haven't. His f**king Land Cruiser wouldn't start on Tuesday morning, so he took my van to work. That night, he messed around with it, culminating with its engine catching on fire. Twice. He ran in the house, got the fire extinguisher, and then sprayed the dickens out of the thing.

The fat lady has thus sung. The LC will go the way of the Jetta: to the junk heap. Am I a little bitter? Why, yes, indeed I am. Let's move on, shall we? Everyone cross your fingers that he passes tomorrow. I have places to go, things to do, people to see - and I'm tired of being housebound.


I sewed up the sleeves and added on the buttons for this baby sweater I'd finished knitting over a week ago, Autumn Leaves by Nikki Van De Car. (Yes, I took the picture on top of cases of Girl Scout cookies, because they are taking over my life right now!!) Stephanie chose the buttons while she was babysitting last night; neither of us is fully satisfied with them, but I only had enough of this one kind. We both agree wooden ones would've been nicer, but I didn't have enough. The yarn is Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK, which I adore. It's scrumptious and squeezy and smooshy and soft.


Here is the back of the sweater. Do you like it? I do. The pattern was a bit frisky - there are a few errors - but it was intuitive enough to figure out what was meant. My only change was making the sweater longer than called for, but that was not intentional. I simply got carried away at dance class one night! I wish I could see it on some sweet little baby, but alas, into the CARE Package bins it will go.


I saw my prescribing shrink today, at his separate office rather than my therapist's office where I used to meet him. I guess I am transferring over to the new place, I don't know. And I don't care, as long as my insurance continues to cover it! The visit lasted about eight minutes, long enough for him to ascertain that I was still doing well on the meds, answer my questions about how my meds will change now that I've had the drastic bypass, and write me three new scripts. In and out, bis boom bah. He seemed more pleasant than usual; normally, he is an ass. I think the other office must stress him out, because I noticed the same thing last time. Whatever the reason, I appreciated it!


Tonight was our first booth sale, at the grocery store around the corner where I always shop. I was pretty stressed out about it, and not just because I was worried Rob wouldn't get home from work in time for me to go, and not just because of all the materials I had to bring: table, chairs, signage, cookies of course, money box, moolah, Ogden stamp (for bad check collections), Gift of Caring donation box...  I was worried we wouldn't sell, and I'd over-ordered, and our troop would be stuck with tons of cookies for which we had to pay!

Well, we did fine. The girls were a little hyper, and I had to keep cajoling them to stand watch for entering customers. They let so many pass by without asking them!  But almost all of the ones they did ask came over and bought a box or six. Mostly it was Chloë doing the soliciting, while the other little girl just farted around, so I am proud of her. She was very polite, and so many of the customers said how cute she was, and that her adorableness was what convinced them to buy! I have to agree, but I may be biased! ;)

The nice part was that the store let us inside to sell. We're supposed to be outside, but the previous troop was set up inside, and the manager said I could set up there, too. Because brrr, it's a chilly 26º out now, and it wasn't much warmer then!

Four customers donated a box to our Gift of Caring, too! All in all, the girls sold 83 boxes in an hour and a half. Not too shabby! Tomorrow, we have another booth in the morning, and a third one in the evening.  Chloë is participating in all seven of our booths as it stand now, because we don't have enough people signed up otherwise. She is totally carrying the troop as far as the fundraisers go!  Kind of annoys me, because the girls voted to take a field trip with their funds, rather than get the per-box incentives, so they will all benefit equally despite the fact that some haven't sold a single box, and she has now sold hundreds. And until tonight, she was the only one who sold any Gift of Caring boxes - 41 to be exact!  But whatev.

After Rob picked us up (I had him drop us off so he could bring over more cookies if we ran out), I sat in the back of the van and took inventory. Then I went in the house and did all the math: how many of each variety were sold, how much money we should have, how much credit to give each girl, blah blah blah. The numbers all worked out on the first try, thankfully. And I set everything up for tomorrow morning, so we are ready, ready, ready.

Rob's out right now at a certain Mexican fast food place, getting me a certain proteinaceous substance, because my numbers are waaaaay down. By 9 pm, I'd only consumed 100 calories, and the rest of the week hasn't been much better. So why isn't the weight just flying off me, I wonder? Bah.

I'm off, now, to try and figure out my next knitting project. I have some yarn calling my name, but I don't know what to do with it. Who wants to bet that it will be something for a wee baby?