Push It Good
In Which Sophia Hates My Body



Our big ol' wooly bear of a German Shepherd Dog, Tiger Lily, loves to use pillows when she naps. She rarely gets access to them, as of course we try to keep them off the floor and up on the couches. Last night, Rob captured her not only cuddled up on a pillow but leaning her head against the warm cozy soft rock-hard fireplace hearth. She didn't wake when the picture was taken, either. Poor sleepy woofy doggy!

Last night sucked for both of us, in that at various times, we couldn't sleep. We were going to spend some quality time together after Rob went up to shower, but I was passed out on the couch when he came downstairs. My bladder woke me an hour or two later, and Rob was sleeping next to me. Then we both couldn't sleep, and he putzed on his laptop while I read my gastric bypass manual. I fell asleep again, and The Bob stayed up until my bladder went off again (damn thing, you'd think I was 8 mos pregnant the way it's behaving lately). Then he fell asleep and I stayed up reading some more. It was quite ridiculous.

I have no idea why the night was sleepless for him, but as for me, it was partly because I gagged when taking my sleeping pill, followed by several minutes of extremely painful dry heaving. Oh, boy, I didn't like that. I didn't retake the pill, and now I'm afraid to take it again... but another night like that wouldn't be favorable, either. We shall see.


So this morning came much too soon for both of us, and Rob was cross. I was just altogether too sleepy; my booboos hurt today, and I couldn't stay awake when I would lie down to get some pain relief. I took my first nap in the morning, and they all disappeared to the park while I was knocked out. They were still gone when I woke up, and I missed them all a great deal. If they were at the one in our neighborhood, I'd have walked down there, but they weren't. And I had no vehicle with which to reach them.

So I puttered.

I found myself in a crafting funk. I wanted to knit, but my yarn is in knots still, and I have one long needle and one short needle. Irritating.

I wanted to crochet, but the pattern I chose was confusing, and I ripped it out three times before deciding to put it down for another day.

I wanted to scrapbook, but the thought of getting out all my supplies and printing pictures seemed like much too much work for the moment.

I wanted to bake, but I didn't have any eggs, and I didn't know how well I'd do resisting whatever finished project I'd made.

So, once everyone was home and had lunched and gone down for naps, I took another nap myself!

Rob went out to Norfolk to get some things for his uniform, while the kids and I all slept. We all had good naps, and it was several hours later before all of us except Sophia were awake.  She slumbered well into the evening.

I found a recipe in the Martha Stewart Cookie cookbook that Rob's sister Gail gave me recently (for my birthday, maybe?), that didn't require any eggs. I had or could substitute for all of the ingredients, and I felt like my diet mojo was strong enough to handle it. So finally, after much delaying and dawdling, I got to work.



Chloë took the top picture; Jack took the bottom one. Not bad, eh? The dough was just butter, confectioner's sugar, flour, salt and vanilla. It was awfully crumbly once all the flour was in, though, so I added a teensy bit of water to make things stick together.

The cooking lasted a while, as they had to go in for 10 min, get a thumbprint, and cook for another 7 min. Three times. So the kids ate dinner while I baked, and then finally they were ready. The kids were dancing around in anticipation, as they always, always do.


But not yet! First, I had to make up the chocolate filling sauce for the thumbprints, and then carefully fill them all. At first I added too much, as you can see, and some poured out. But soon I got it down, and the first batch was finished. And, I'll have you know, I didn't try the dough, I didn't lick my fingers, I didn't eat the chocolate, and I have no desire to bite into a cookie. Yay.


"Mommy, can we have one? Can we have one yet, Mom? Mom? Mom! Can we have one?!" Nope, not yet, Daddy gets the first pick.


I'm always nervous about my cooking, especially when it's not something that I have tried myself first and know that it's yummy. And Rob was tormenting me; he wasn't answering when I asked if he liked them! I guess I should have realized when he popped 6 or 7 into his mouth in quick succession, though. Here, he shares a chewing moment with Soapapilla.


Lady Godiva agreed that these cookies can definitely be made again in the future.


Jack, who nicknamed these "Eyeball Cookies," liked to lick out the chocolate first and then complain that he didn't want the cookie anymore. No dice, kiddo, you're stuck with the whole thing!

So, two thumbs up for another great Martha Stewart recipe. Thanks, Gail!


Incidentally, Chloë was in a crafty mood herself today. She drew this awesome kitty cat, and then ran upstairs to fetch a cotton ball. She cut out the kitty and then glued on the cotton for "fur." Isn't that clever? She had no input from me or Rob on this project; it was all her. Love it!  Too bad I don't have any magnet tape; it'd be a great one.

Time for more DVR catch up! I didn't watch TV for about three weeks, and I'm way behind on my shows. What are you watching these days?