The Good Doctor

In Which Sophia Hates My Body

The first thing I realized this morning when my alarm went off for school was that Rob was still sleeping on the couch next to me. Instead of being at his first day back to work, at his new command, he was sleeping soundly.

Upon waking him up, he assured me that it was all right and he could go in when he wanted. Phew. But why wasn't I made aware of this last night? Whatever! On to the kids.

The readying for school went off like clockwork. They got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and obtained coats and backpacks in record time. The only hitch was that Sophia woke up at 0730. Somewhere, somehow, some sucky way, since my surgery, she has decided not to be a late-morning sleeping baby and has become an early riser.

She didn't clear this with me. I would have said NO. No, dammit!

So now I have this new schedule to contend with. And much as I'd like to pop wide awake and stay that way, I am not a morning person, never have been, never will be.  Therefore, it was difficult for me to keep up with her after the warm, cuddly period on the couch ended. She got into one thing after another, and no sooner did I attend to one mess than she was into another. The worst thing was that she got into Chloë tube paints and made a nice, pretty abstract work of art, all in the blackest of pigments, on the middle of the office carpet.

What can one do about that? Not a damn thing. Try cleaning it, and it spreads. So I left it.  Eventually, we're going to take up the carpet and put down laminate wood flooring anyway. This just adds fuel to the fire.

It was with great relief, then, when Jack came home, the Littles had their lunch, and I declared it nap time. They both seemed ready, willing and eager to have their snooze, and by George, they did go right down without a fight. Not a peep was heard for nearly three hours out of either one of them.

I guess I can deal with a busy morning if it means a three-hour nap to follow, eh?

As for myself, my creative funk continued. I just couldn't decide what to do wth myself. It's highly annoying. I could have put the energy toward cleaning the house, now that we are Barbara-less, but what I really wanted to do was vacuum. And I'm not cleared to lift that yet, and we have a sunken living room, and so that plan was, well, sunk too.

So I literally sat around and did nothing for two hours. I can't account for a moment of that time, other than that I was online and chatting with a friend for some of it. I really ought to make a plan. What I want to do is delve into and finish my '08 scrapbook, but knowing that I have company coming this weekend, and also that my office will soon be filled with dozens upon dozens of Girl Scout cookies to sort and deliver, is keeping that urge at bay.


Finally, I went upstairs and took a good, hot shower to get rid of the chill in my bones, and then the kiddies awoke. Afterward, I was sitting around in the buff, folding the laundry, when Sophie strode up and said, "Mommy, if you put some clothes on, I wouldn't be able to see your whole body."

Snot! Just for that, I stayed nekkid for another half-hour, until the clothes were finished.

Chloë came home and helped put away clothes, as did the Nonnies. They (the Littles) took care of their own undies and jammies. Little by little, they're getting involved.

Then it was time for Tap class. I was able to get Curly Girl dressed and ready in plenty of time, and everyone was buckled in five minutes ahead of our usual departure time. Not too shabby for two weeks post-op, considering normally we are pushing it right to the last minute to get there on time.

I listened to Jack and Sophia fight and squawk and whine for an hooooooouuuuuuuuuur over the blanket in the car.

I never told you, when it was time for me to leave the hospital, there was a mix-up with my clothes. Rob thought I had packed a different outfit and had taken my check-in clothes home with him, so I had nothing to wear! The nurses didn't bat an eye, though, and bundled me up in extra hospital gowns and blankets for the trip out to the van and the ride home. The blanket never made it out of the van; the gown has long since been either pitched or laundered after I bled all over it, but you'll have to ask Rob about its fate.

And then Jackie had to go potty. I put down my knitting, eventually, and brought him inside. The mothers waiting all giggled when I admonished him to shut the door while he peed; they giggled again when I inquired as to whether he'd flushed and he darted back inside.


Obligatory knitting photo. I'm nearly done knitting the body, having finally straightened out most of the yarn. More details when it's finished.

Once we arrived home, Rob got Chloë started on her homework, and I ran to the store to get our free Redbox rental and to replenish our supply of milk and eggs. I had hit the two-week weight-loss stall over the past couple of days that seems to come with all gastric bypass surgeries, but as soon as I arrived at the store, I knew the stall was over. So I rush, rush, rushed around the store, grateful again that I could do it on foot and not ride the cart. And then I hit the lines at the register. Oh, my, I was worried.  But not to worry, I arrived home just in time. Phew, again.

Rob made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner (wahhhhh! Oh, I craved and coveted. He makes KILLER grilled cheese) while I helped Jack with his homework. First, he finished the sentence "We can see... " with "...the bear."  Then we went over his sight words. There are a lot more of them now than I have flashcards from the teacher for, so he did well on the ones we have practiced and had no clue on the rest. I'm trying to remember Chloë's reading progress at this point two years ago, and I just can't. I think she knew all the words she was supposed to know, but I really can't remember.

Blah, blah, blah about the rest of the evening.

Just a little while ago, I did my para-nightly trek on the treadmill. I added two more minutes to my total, at 2.5 mph instead of 2, for a total of 7:17. I'm hoping to hit 10 (whole!) minutes by the end of the week.

That's all, folks. Hope you're having a stellar week!